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10 Best Driver Shafts In 2021 to Boost Distance and Consistency

There’s a simple truth about golf shafts that every golfer should know, especially in the case of drivers. Shafts of golf clubs, in general, are often misunderstood, hence neglected. Now let me tell you how and why this is the wrong approach.

What a right shaft can do, in terms of consistency, no other part of the golf club can. Even if it’s one of the most forgiving drivers for beginners. In fact, these forgiving drivers are designed with the best driver shafts. It’s a huge part of what makes them forgiving and suitable for golfers with a slower swing speed.

In that light, how about I get you acquainted with some of the best shafts for a club that is the most likely to make your round of golf a lot better.

1. Matrix New Radix-S IV Amateur/Senior Flex Driver Shaft

Matrix New Radix-S IV Amateur/Senior Flex Driver Shaft

Surely an underrated option, the Matrix New Radix Driver Shaft is tough in that it gives you, a golfer that desires nothing but distance, an incredibly solid feel. That too on a consistent basis!

The special HD structure of the shaft is what delivers the most advanced technology for allowing you to boost distance. And the best part is that you can choose the flex of your choice if this Amateur/Senior flex of the shaft doesn’t pair up well with your swing speed.

Key Features

  • Extremely tough shaft for consistent performance
  • Perfect for drivers and fairway woods
  • Promotes high launch with a soft landing
  • Very solid response and feel at impact

2. Fujikura Vista Pro 60 R-Flex Shaft

Fujikura Vista Pro 60 R-Flex Shaft

If you have one of these technologically advanced TaylorMade drivers, then this Fujikura shaft is the best companion for it. Just put it on and be a part of something that’s bound to make a huge difference on the golf course.

And why wouldn’t the R-flex shaft do so! After all, it comes from a brand quite popular for manufacturing some of the best shafts for different kinds of drivers. It has an exclusive cage structure, which gives you the feel of using a heavier shaft minus the extra weight.

Key Features

  • The most suitable for upgrading TaylorMade drivers
  • Boosts swing speed with maximum ease
  • Promotes consistent launch angle
  • Lightweight cage structure offers a solid feel

3. UST New 2018 Proforce V2 HL Golf Shaft

UST New 2018 Proforce V2 HL Golf Shaft

HL stands for High Launch. So what does this tell you? That the UST Proforce V2 Golf Shaft is specifically designed for promoting a higher trajectory to boost the carry distance.

The shaft features Recoil technology and ProForce Tip technology. The former creates the much-needed spring action within the walls for greater energy transfer. In simple words, it increases ball velocity and distance. And the latter is responsible for bringing about a very consistent, stable ball flight.

Key Features

  • Butt section offers control for smooth and aggressive tempos
  • Recoil technology boosts ball velocity and distance
  • ProForce Tip technology produces a consistent, stable ball flight
  • Affordably priced, thus ideal for beginners

4. Dynamic Gold True Temper Shaft

Dynamic Gold True Temper Shaft

Just choose the shaft length and flex and be prepared to enjoy the performance. The Dynamic Gold True Temper Shaft is made of solid steel. That means beginners should avoid this one since it’s not built with lightweight graphite. But it’s the perfect choice for more experienced players.

The balanced construction is the best for providing a low ball flight in the case of making your iron play more controlled and steady. Certainly the most dependable shaft so far for better golfers!

Key Features

  • Variable Wall technology promotes solid response and feel
  • Easily customizable with a few adjustments
  • Strong flexibility enables optimal compression during impact

5. Project X New HZRDUS Smoke 6.0 Driver Shaft

Project X New HZRDUS Smoke 6.0 Driver Shaft

A lightweight graphite shaft available at an unbelievably sweet deal, Project X HZRDUS Smoke is just what golfers with a slower swing speed require. It contributes a great deal when it comes to boosting distance on a consistent basis.

It definitely ranks among the hottest driver shafts out there. With exceptional distance, you also get enough control and spin output. You’ll be lucky to find this one available online!

Key Features

  • High-speed golf driver shaft
  • Golf Pride grip installed for ease of use
  • Mid-launch configuration offers a consistent launch angle
  • Low flex to produce dependable distance

6. Mitsubishi Tensei Ck Pro TX Wood Shaft

Mitsubishi Tensei Ck Pro TX Wood Shaft

The word Tensei (Japanese) translates into transformation in English. So can you expect that kind of performance from Mitsubishi Tensei Ck Pro Tx Wood Shaft? I don’t see why not given the inclusion of advanced materials for the construction of this shaft.

The multi-material structure consists of Kevlar and carbon fiber to smooth the bend profile while also improving feel. And it’s this particular characteristic that makes the Mitsubishi shaft an extremely versatile choice for all types of golfers.

Key Features

  • Performance-oriented materials used for construction
  • Classic, Tour-proven bend profile
  • A versatile option for driver and fairway wood

7. Aldila New 2019 NXT NV Graphite Shaft

Aldila New 2019 NXT NV Graphite Shaft

Let’s say you’re a slow swinger looking to upgrade the shaft of your old driver. In that case, how about turning your attention to this newly designed Aldila NXT NV Graphite Shaft! The shaft, no doubt, gives you greater clubhead speed with maximum control.

It’s a very fitting choice for all types of slow swingers in golf, including beginners, high handicappers, seniors, and most female players. And the primary job of the shaft is to boost distance, so it allows your driver to reach its maximum potential.

Key Features

  • Moderate weight to produce greater club speed
  • Softer flex of the shaft promotes extraordinary distance
  • Plenty of room for adjustability
  • Made for all golfers with a slow swing speed

8. Accra New Tour Z 85 Counter Balanced Driver Shaft

Accra New Tour Z 85 Counter Balanced Driver Shaft

A wonderfully low-spin shaft made for a wide range of drivers. We highly recommend beginners and amateurs to consider buying the Accra New Tour Z 85 CB Driver Shaft. Why? Because it’s specifically engineered for providing exceptional stability and distance. Thanks to its lightweight graphite material.

And the best part is that it comes gripped!

Key Features

  • Low-spin driver shaft
  • Lightweight graphite shaft boosts stability and distance
  • Very affordable with high-quality grip
  • The sleek black-silver finish adds visual appeal

9. Project X New Even Flow Blue 6.0 Driver Shaft

Project X New Even Flow Blue 6.0 Driver Shaft

Ask any golf expert and they will confirm the fact that a bend profile like this is perfect for transferring load much more efficiently across your swing for producing the highest energy release during impact. And it’s this max. energy release that delivers extraordinary distance.

What you’re dealing with here is a mid-launch, mid-spin shaft suitable for drivers and fairway woods. Such a revolutionary design is bound to inspire distance. That too with immediate response and an outstanding feel.

Key Features

  • Sharp appearance and standard length
  • Bend profile creates maximum energy release during impact
  • Solid response and feel
  • Works with a broad range of driver heads

10. Accuflex Pro Long Drive ReMAX LD Nano Golf Shaft

Accuflex Pro Long Drive ReMAX LD Nano Golf Shaft

Talk about the longest golf shaft, and the name of this shaft has to come up. It can boost distance as much as 30 yards. Not only is this Accuflex shaft the longest, but it’s also the lightest. So you get the wonderful opportunity to swing easily to achieve the desired distance.

It’s a very popular choice among golfers participating in long drive competitions. And that says a lot about how dependable and high-performing the shaft really is.

Key Features

  • Compatible with all sizes of driver heads
  • The longest and lightest shaft for distance
  • Lightning-fast with an incredibly high kick point

Different Types of Golf Club Shafts

No doubt, the shaft of every golf club optimizes its performance level. Factors such as flex, weight, kick point, feel, etc. combine to pave the way for the golf ball to travel higher and longer.

But not every configuration is suitable for all swing speeds. In that case, how about choosing a shaft that enhances your performance instead of compromising it!

Steel Shaft

This is the most commonly used among experienced golfers. Steel shafts are the best for drivers only when your priority is accuracy, not distance. The steel is either carbon or stainless. Whatever the case, these types of shafts are more affordable than the others while also being more durable, firmer, and stronger.

What steel shafts do is promote higher precision, accuracy, and commanding impact. And this is certainly greater than lightweight graphite shafts, even when the swing speed is the same. So you can enjoy more control.

Graphite Shaft

Due to the lighter weight of graphite, these shafts are the most suitable for beginners and amateurs alike who wish to boost swing speed and distance. There’s just no denying that lighter shafts for drivers generate longer drives, but at the cost of foregoing accuracy. What’s also a little disappointing to know that graphite shafts are less durable yet more expensive.

Nevertheless, they’re the perfect choice for seniors, intermediates, and beginners. But then there are heavier graphite golf club shafts as well, which professional players who want to find more fairways use to their advantage for increasing accuracy.

 Multi-Material Shaft

In this department, you get the best of both worlds. That is the lightweight of graphite and firmness of steel. So you can control the ball flight and add more distance.

But let me bring to your attention that multi-material shafts are more recent inventions in the golf industry. So there aren’t too many variations available.

Factors to Take Into Account When Buying Shaft for Driver


It goes without saying that the right shaft doesn’t necessarily produce longer drives. Allow me to elaborate below.

If your swing speed is slower, then you require a shaft that compensates for the lack of speed in order to boost your distance. For that matter, graphite shafts are the best.


Moving on to speed, even this particular factor depends on the weight/material of the shaft. Lighter i.e. graphite shafts are the most fitting for golfers with a slow swing speed. These, more often than not, are beginners, high handicappers, and seniors.

What about more experienced golfers then? Most of the time, they opt for heavier, stiffer shafts to combine with their faster swing speeds for gaining both distance and accuracy. The former (distance) is achieved by the hard swing speed while the latter (accuracy) with the help of the shaft weight and flex.

Weight & Flex

Let’s start with the weight of the shaft. Now I’m sure you already know that graphite shafts are more lightweight than steel. And that’s why graphite is a better option for those with a slow swing speed. This means not such an ideal choice for golfers who generate higher clubhead speed.

Moving on to the flex of the shaft, more flex i.e. more bend equals to making up for the lack of swing speed. This, more often than not, includes Regular (R), Senior (A), and Ladies (L) shaft flex. Then comes Stiff (S) and Extra Stiff (XS). And these two feature the least amount of bend perfect for Tour players.


Did you know that older shafts tend to lose consistency, particularly if you golf frequently? So what do you keep in mind when choosing a shaft that’s more likely to produce a consistent performance for the longest time? Features like multi-material construction, extremely tough design and greater energy transfer are responsible for more consistency.

Feel & Response

Both are certainly not the same, even though both have the same level of impact on your performance. On that note, the feel of a shaft is vital in the sense that it creates a golf swing rhythm. So it’s how you interact with your golf club that defines the feel factor.

Shafts with special features like a lightweight cage, variable wall technology, and a simple multi-material construction deliver a solid feel at impact.

What about a solid response? For that, first let me tell you what it is. Not every shaft produces the same feedback on the backswing. A shaft that responds flawlessly to your particular swing movement can generate a significant improvement in your performance.

So what factors are responsible for producing a solid, consistent response in shafts? These are the same ones that contribute to enhancing the feel of the shaft.


The standard shaft length of a driver is 45 inches. It’s best for giving you an optimal combination of distance and control. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go longer or even shorter.

The whole purpose of shaft length is to hand out control. When the shaft is shorter, the distance you can achieve gets reduced. But those who wish to hit more fairways would certainly be better off with unconventional shorter shafts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Driver Shafts Last?

It all depends on how frequently you play golf. Your equipment is more likely to wear out sooner if you’re an avid golfer. In fact, the average lifespan of any golf club shaft is 20 years. It’s the one and only part of the club that remains in the same state throughout.

What Is Shaft Kick Point?

The accuracy, consistency, and distance you achieve on the golf course largely depend on the shaft flex. It’s the most important characteristic that allows you to customize the speed and accuracy of your swing. And shaft kick point is much the same as shaft flex, but it determines the trajectory of your golf shots.

For a higher trajectory, the shaft kick point should be lower. And vice versa.

Why Are Shaft Length and Weight So Important?

The weight is important because it should complement or correct your swing speed. The former happens in the case of a higher swing speed and heavier steel shafts. And the latter takes place when the swing speed is slower, which means it demands a more lightweight graphite shaft.

Moving on to shaft length, it’s crucial because longer clubs boost clubhead speed and distance. But they’re not the most suitable if your priority is to improve accuracy and precision. So the length of the shaft is an entirely personal decision to make depending on whether you want your drives to be more precisely controlled or longer.

What Swing Speed Demands A Stiff Shaft?

Your swing doesn’t necessarily have to be pro-level for you to use stiff shafts. But it definitely needs to be above 97 mph. If your swing speed is lower but above 84 mph, then the Regular shaft flex is perfect. That means R-flex is good for recreational, beginner, and senior golfers.

What Shaft Weight Should I Use for Driver?

Keep in mind that lighter shafts, mostly graphite, allow you to swing the driver faster. And a faster swing speed translates into more distance.

The most common driver shaft weight is mid-60 grams. But there are many golfers, mostly those with a very low swing speed, that use shafts that weigh below 50 grams.

What Happens If Golf Shaft Is Too Stiff or Too Flexible?

In the case of too much stiffness, the two most important factors get compromised. This includes control and loft. As for a too flexible shaft, it generates a too high ball flight with an excessive spin or inconsistent shot dispersion.

Final Note

When it comes to the driver or any other golf club shaft, many golfers don’t know what they need. Precisely why this part of the club is often undermined and/or neglected. But I hope that now you understand the importance of your driver shaft. And how it functions as far as boosting distance, consistency, control, etc. is concerned.

When you use a shaft that’s right for your swing speed, you’re allowing the driver, which is among the most important distance-boosting golf clubs in your arsenal, to reach its maximum potential. And failing to do so has just the opposite i.e. unfavorable effect.

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