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Best Golf Balls for Women with Low Compression to Boost Speed

Average women golfers have a slower swing speed, and this is a very well known fact. But why the best golf balls for women? I mean the best women golf clubs have a lightweight graphite shaft with Ladies-flex that’s ideal for slower swing speed. So how does a golf ball compensate in that regard? Simply by having a lower compression for maximizing distance!

Let me tell you beforehand that sometimes the one and the only difference between women golf balls and men golf balls is color. But that’s not the case with golf balls I’ve reviewed below, which are specifically targeted toward the slower golf swinging population (this includes women, seniors, and beginners). And once you go through each of them, you’ll understand why.

1. Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

Callaway is always looking to change your perception of good golfing gear, even in the case of golf balls. The Supersoft, no doubt, is an incredibly popular choice among players with slow swing speed. And if you’re one of them, then you’re bound to hit shots that fly straight and long.

It’s the ultra-low compression core that’s responsible for all the increase in ball speed and also accuracy.

On top of that, the low-drag HEX Aerodynamics technology minimizes drag and maximizes lift for longer distance and carry. Also, Callaway Supersoft is an excellent buy for the money.

Key Features

  • Extremely soft cover for better feel and greenside control
  • Ultra-low compression promotes ball speed and accuracy
  • HEX Aerodynamics reduce drag plus increase lift

2. Bridgestone 2019 e6 Lady Golf Balls

Bridgestone 2019 e6 Lady Golf Balls

Are these Bridgestone Lady Golf Balls perfect for women golfers with slower clubhead speed? I don’t see why not! With your long irons and drivers, the ball generates low spin, which means straighter, longer flights. Plus, there’s the low-compression core for boosting ball speed and for providing a soft feel.

The exclusive Delta Dimple structure averts pop-ups and balances air resistance. In simple words, the dimples activate straighter shots. It’s a golf ball that’s been well-engineered to deliver consistency; something that the majority of golfers struggle with.

Key Features

  • Improved Aerodynamics add distance
  • Softer feel and increased ball speed due to low compression
  • Ionomer cover spins less to prevent slices and hooks

3. Bridgestone Lady Precept Ladies Golf Balls

Bridgestone Lady Precept Ladies Golf Balls

Let me break it to you that these are marketed are women’s golf balls but even men golfers pound them. Allow me to tell you how that came to be.

To achieve maximum distance, golf balls have to compress at just the right level for producing the required trampoline impact off the clubface. So a golf ball that’s too soft is sure to compress excessively, thus compromising distance. On the other hand, a ball that’s too firm gives you only minimal rebound effect, which again results in distance loss.

With that in mind, these Bridgestone golf balls are perfectly optimized for both creating the maximum trampoline effect and boosting distance. On top of that, the soft ionomer cover reduces unwanted spin, thus preventing destructive slices and hooks.

Key Features

  • 2-piece, soft feel ionomer cover
  • 330 seamless dimple structure promotes longer distance
  • Excellent feel on putting surface and around the green

4. Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft Golf Balls

Consider this as the Next-Gen golf balls for every single golfer, be it man or woman, with slower swing speed. But if you’re a female golfer struggling with distance beyond 100 yards and are constantly challenged around the greens, then you need a combination of high spin and low compression. Enter the e12 Soft Golf Balls by Bridgestone.

The 3-piece Surlyn construction reduces sidespin and also adds extra distance off the tee. Plus, the balls have a softer feel.

What’s unique here is the brand’s propriety Active Acceleration Mantle layer with its ability to increase thrust and initial velocity during impact. At the same time, the softened core gives you an enhanced feel and greater forgiveness.

In my opinion, the best combination of slow swing speed feel and distance around the green!

Key Features

  • Active Acceleration Mantle boosts thrust and velocity
  • 3-piece Surlyn construction reduces sidespin
  • Dimple pattern delivers less drag
  • Optimized Aerodynamics promote straight distance

5. Callaway Diablo Lady Golf Balls

Callaway Diablo Lady Golf Balls

Callaway has managed to design the best golf balls for women with a medium swing speed as well. These Diablo Lady Golf Balls, without the shadow of a doubt, putt great and fly true.

The long distance and soft, light feel of the ball are the two most noteworthy characteristics. When the golf balls you own help a great deal in straightening your shots on the course, you know they’re worth every penny you spend on them.

Key Features

  • Incredibly light, soft feel
  • Perfect for medium swing speeds
  • The golf balls fly true, putt great, and boost distance

6. Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls

Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls

Yes, the Soft Feel of these Srixon golf balls is a truly remarkable feature. The title of the product makes that very clear. But what steals the limelight is the added yards the golf balls bring to your game of golf. And this extra distance presents itself in the form of a higher launch angle.

What’s also equally praiseworthy is the inclusion of a lower drag coefficient dimple composition. This particular pattern cuts through the air to welcome more consistency and accuracy on your every shot. Now I’m certain that this, most women golfers are likely to find incredibly appealing.

Key Features

  • Thin, soft-feel cover increases greenside spin
  • Dimple pattern with lower drag improves consistency and accuracy
  • Very visible in the middle of the fairway or the rough

7. Nitro Glycerin Golf Balls

Nitro Glycerin Golf Balls

These semi-translucent golf balls in assorted colors consist of a 2-piece core and the softest feel. No doubt, it’s specially designed for golfers with slower swing speed, which is mostly women. The soft titanium core is solid and super-reactive. And the revolutionary translucent cover is certainly the first of its kind on this list.

If you ask me, these are affordable, high-quality golf balls that are very easy to locate during your round of golf. And you’re bound to hit straighter and longer even with average or slow swing speed.

Key Features

  • Super-reactive yet soft titanium core
  • Semi-translucent cover in highly visible colors
  • Terrific spin ratio
  • High-quality and conforming to USGA rules

8. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

Titleist is a golf brand that doesn’t disappoint and even compromise when it comes to manufacturing and delivering the most technologically advanced clubs and balls. And the Velocity Golf Balls are no exception.

The first thing to notice is the high-speed, softer LSX core that boosts initial velocity on your full swing shots to give you deep downrange distance, along with a playable feel on the short game. The second appealing feature is the faster NAZ+ cover for higher ball speed and distance as well as an extremely low spin on the long game.

And last, but not the least, is the spherically-tiled dimple design to ensure high trajectory and long-distance carry on your every shot. No wonder so many players rely on such golf balls to build confidence on the turf.

Key Features

  • Very low long game spin
  • Playable short game feel
  • Spherically-tiled dimple pattern for high flight
  • Faster cover enables faster ball speed
  • High-speed, softer core delivers deep downrange distance

9. Volvik Crystal Golf Balls

Volvik Crystal Golf Balls

You could be a female golfer or even a senior with slow swing speed, it doesn’t matter. Because the Volvik Crystal Golf Balls are crafted for swing speeds below 60 to 95 mph. The soft feel and explosiveness of these premium 3-piece golf balls are definitely worth the money.

Furthermore, the balls are easier to track during flight in comparison to the traditional white golf balls. Even male golfers struggling with distance choose these ladies golf balls. Your fellow golfers may give you a hard time but it doesn’t really matter as long as you’re generating that explosive distance with more accuracy.

Key Features

  • Dual-core offers a soft feel and impact
  • Low-compression core gives more short game control
  • Enhanced in-flight visibility
  • 3-piece, Tour-performance for explosive distance
  • Softer, durable Surlyn improves spin rates and putting feel

10. Wilson Staff Zip Golf Balls

Wilson Staff Zip Golf Balls

What’s there to like here? The low-compression core and pan-head dimple pattern. The former consists of a high-performance rubber blended core known to provide the softest feel. As for the dimple pattern, it reduces drag. And when combined with ionomer cover, you get exceptionally soft greenside control.

There’s just no denying that the Wilson ZIP Golf Balls go straight and long. With shallower dimples and lower compression, these are perfect for slower swing speeds. And bonus points for the balls not scuffing much, which says a lot about the durability factor.

Key Features

  • Zero-compression core for the softest feel
  • Minimal off-the-tee spin
  • Maximum spin with wedges and short irons
  • Ionomer cover offers soft greenside control
  • Drag-minimizing pan-head dimple pattern

11. TaylorMade Kalea Golf Balls

TaylorMade Kalea Golf Balls

TaylorMade’s women-specific Kalea Golf Balls are ideal for swing speeds below 85 mph. Even with slower swing speed, you can achieve a decent amount of distance with a soft feel. And thanks to the exceptional REACT core, gaining more response and even control around the greens is possible.

The golf balls feature a performance-driven ionomer cover responsible for reducing unwanted sidespin. What also gets reduced is sun fading, which is brought about by the UV-resistant matte paint. And lastly, the vibrant colors make these golf balls easy to spot in the grass.

Key Features

  • REACT core for more greenside control
  • Aero dimple pattern enables true flight
  • Soft-feel ionomer cover reduces sidespin
  • UV-resistant matte pain minimizes sun fading

Difference Between Women and Men Golf Balls

The one factor that’s not similar between golf balls for men and women is compression. But what really is compression? It’s the result of the clubface hitting the ball. With a faster swing speed and softer ball, compression takes place easily for traveling a long distance. But if a faster swing speed combines with a harder ball, the inevitable outcome is an even farther distance.

This just means that hard golf balls, if you have the skills to compress them, are great. However, women do not fall into this particular category because of their slower swing speed. So it becomes difficult to compress the golf ball. In that case, you need low-compression balls.

To be more specific, a compression rating between 50 and 70 is the most ideal for women. Because golf balls for men, more often than not, have a higher compression rating between 70 and 100. But if your swing speed is faster, then feel free to hit men’s or high-compression golf balls.

Another noteworthy difference here, aside from the color of the golf ball, is dimple design. Ladies golf balls, at least in most cases, have a pattern specifically created for promoting a higher launch, thus boosting distance.

Do Ladies Golf Balls Really Travel Farther?

If the “Ladies” golf ball has a lower compression rating and softer feel, then it’s sure to go the extra mile. But don’t think twice before switching to men’s golf balls if the ladies version proves to be counterproductive. Meaning if the ball feels hard or compromises greenside feel or control.

I would also like to add here that many men also use women-specific golf balls, even though they get teased for it. That’s simply because ladies golf balls are designed for slower swing speeds.

Slower swing speed is a flaw not just limited to women but also senior golfers. That explains why the majority of top-selling golf balls for seniors are the same as those that cater to women as well.

In short, if your swing speed cannot generate enough distance, then it only makes sense to avoid hitting 100-compression golf balls. And that paves the way for softer compression to maximize distance.

Buying Guide of the Best Women’s Golf Balls

What should women golfers with a slower swing speed keep in mind at the time of choosing golf balls? Good question! Now here’s the answer.


Not all golf balls have the same compression rating. For slow swingers, a lower compression rating is the most suitable. As this makes the ball softer, thus you don’t need to use much force for gaining distance. On the other hand, high-compression, hard golf balls, which are mainly for men, demand greater force to achieve the intended distance.

So what is a low compression rating? It’s between 50 and 70. Only then you know that the golf balls are the easiest to hit.


For women golfers, the 2-piece golf ball construction is the best. More often than not, this consists of both the outer and inner layers made using durable Surlyn. They’re comparatively easier to hit and control. Plus, these golf balls go the distance.

The drawback, however, is that the 2-piece construction isn’t such a great choice for greenside play. Nevertheless, women golfers and even beginners should aways get 2-piece golf balls to make up for their slower swing speed.

Dimple Design

Why is the dimple pattern such an important factor for women and not men? Because dimples have a direct effect on the travel distance of your golf ball. A higher number of dimples means a higher trajectory. And that, in turn, increases distance, even if your swing speed is slow.


Has your swing speed developed? Meaning is it above 85 mph? If not, then you’d be better off with golf balls that produce minimal spin. These are easier to control in comparison to high-spin balls, especially with a slower club speed.

With low-spin golf balls, you gain more shot control and the ability to strike straighter shots.

Final Note

Golf balls for slower swing speeds, in general, are equipped with a soft feel that allows you to gain those extra yards. And it’s this particular characteristic that makes up for the most common weakness among women golfers, and even beginners and seniors.

Overall speaking, as long as the golf ball has a softer core and lower compression rating, then it’s all set to improve your golf scores. You’re bound to see yourself hitting straighter, longer shots with the most amount of control and accuracy.

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