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Best Golf Coolers That Are Well-Insulated for Your Chilled Refreshments

Golf is a fun and demanding sport, whether you’re playing recreationally or are pretty serious about learning and mastering the ropes of the game. Either way, the best golf coolers are made for every type of golfer out there. Because everybody likes to have refreshments at their disposal.

Some players wait to reach halfway across the course to fill up on liquids. But why do that when you can just as easily stock up on refreshments and more in the most efficient manner!

The sport, especially for those who like to unwind on the golf course, is a fun and relaxing experience. So why not enhance that enjoyment factor to be able to perform better!

More importantly, did you know that some of these coolers can actually accommodate over 15 cans of beer? Not that we’re saying you should be consuming so much alcohol even during your 18-hole round of golf!

1. Caddyswag Par 6 Pack Golf Bag Cooler

Caddyswag Par 6 Pack Golf Bag Cooler With Flexible Reusable...
1,033 Reviews
Caddyswag Par 6 Pack Golf Bag Cooler With Flexible Reusable...
  • PERFECT SIZE: Dimensions are 19" long by 8" wide. Perfect for six 12-ounce cans or...
  • STRONG ZIPPER: New model now has a stronger more durable zipper.
  • DURABLE: Made of durable 300x600D polyester with a one ounce PU coating.

A highly-durable, well-insulated golf bag cooler for every golfer! It carries enough beer and then keeps those beer cans cold enough for you to pop onto the golf course.

On top of that, the little cooler fits alongside your golf bag, which means the former isn’t quite noticeable. But what’s the most impressive here is the quality of the material and the sturdy, well-made construction.

Key Features

  • Made using durable polyester with wear-resistant PU coating
  • Thick, closed-cell foam insulation
  • Equipped with a reusable freezer gel pack
  • Stronger zipper with longer zipper pull

2. CaddyDaddy Golf 6 Pack Golf Bag Cooler

Caddy Daddy Golf 6 Pack Golf Bag Cooler
628 Reviews
Caddy Daddy Golf 6 Pack Golf Bag Cooler
  • Side zipper which allows for easy access from your golf bag
  • Free ice pack included
  • Heat Sealed Liner

Do you have one of these golf stands bag that reduces back strain when on the course? If yes, then know that this CaddyDaddy cooler bag easily fits into the large-sized side pocket of the stand bag.

As for what fits into this bag, 8 cans of beer and 4 ice packs. And expect your last beer to be as cold as the first one you had on the turf. Even when the temperature is soaring, the cooler keeps everything in there cold enough for at least 6 hours. And that’s pretty impressive!

Key Features

  • Heat-sealed liner and ultra-thick insulation
  • Padded and removable shoulder strap
  • Easy-access, large side opening
  • Horseshoe shape accessory pocket stores extra gear

3. Clicgear Proactive Cooler Tube

Clicgear Proactive Cooler Tube
198 Reviews
Clicgear Proactive Cooler Tube
  • Keeps drinks cold for the entire round
  • Holds two 12 oz cans or one 32 oz bottle
  • Made from insulated waterproof nylon

A very impressive cooler tube for golfers who prefer to play with refreshments. The Clicgear Proactive Cooler Tube works great in that it keeps your items very cold until you’re ready for them.

Expect your drinks to remain frozen, as a matter of fact, for the longest time possible. And that longest time means longer than even 18 holes of golf and on an extremely hot, sunny day too. So much so that you might actually end up taking them out on your very first tee just to de-frost.

Key Features

  • Made with waterproof, insulated nylon
  • Fits most golf push carts
  • Stays secure and is easy to attach (a tab included for mounting)

4. Coleman C018 Soft Can Cooler Sleeve

Coleman 2000013726 6 Can Cooler Sleeve
1,158 Reviews
Coleman 2000013726 6 Can Cooler Sleeve
  • 6 can capacity
  • Easily-adjustable carry strap
  • Dual can access

This cooler sleeve is, in every way, perfect simply because moving and fitting it are the easiest tasks. You can carry this one much more easily than some of those bulky coolers out there. You can even carry it on your shoulder very conveniently.

As for its capacity, the bag holds 6 cans of beer. As for the insulation part, not the most insulated option out there but still gets the job done without any complaints.

Key Features

  • The adjustable shoulder strap offers carrying comfort
  • Made of easy-to-clean, durable nylon fabric
  • Dual-zippered for easy access from both sides

5. ProActive Sports 6 To Go Beverage Cooler

ProActive Sports 6-to-Go Beverage Cooler
97 Reviews
ProActive Sports 6-to-Go Beverage Cooler
  • Features. Includes a shoulder strap. Made in China.

You buy this ProActive Sports Beverage Cooler for 10 years of refreshments on the golf course, that’s just how durable it is. And even after those 10 years, you’re most likely to buy it once again for another 10 years of hydration on the turf. And that’s just how functional it is!

It’s bigger in comparison to most others. And that makes it easier for you to accommodate chill packs for keeping your beverages chilled for longer.

Key Features

  • Designed with a clip and shoulder strap
  • Made of durable, high-quality nylon
  • The tight fit keeps refreshments cold

6. OGIO 2015 Chill Can Cooler

A lightweight cooler bag like this goes a long way, literally speaking. You can traverse the whole length of the golf course without having to worry about the weight of this cooler, which consists of a main insulated compartment that can fit around 6 to 12 cans of beer.

And in the case of spills, the leak-proof, easy-to-clean lining is a very practical feature.

Key Features

  • Insulated, zippered main compartment
  • Dual-side accessory/beverage holsters for easy access
  • The lining is leak-proof and easy to clean
  • Spacious yet foldable and compact with small Velcro tabs

7. Sun Mountain Golf Speed Cart Cooler Pouch

You can easily attach this one to your golf cart because of the Velcro tabs. You also get a carry handle for comfort and convenience. Then there’s the insulated lower pocket. What’s also included is a reusable freezer pack.

A great bag for carrying chilled drinks and healthy snacks to the golf course. So you don’t end up spending money unnecessarily on expensive course refreshments.

Key Features

  • Designed with Velcro tabs for attachment and a carry handle
  • Insulated lower pocket and extra storage pocket included
  • Reusable freezer packs also provided

8. Clicgear Push Cart Insulated Cooler Bag

Clicgear Push Cart Insulated Cooler Bag
353 Reviews
Clicgear Push Cart Insulated Cooler Bag
  • Stores your cold drinks and snacks while on the course
  • Insulated lower pocket stores up to six cans
  • Upper pocket has plenty of room for snacks

Why walk 18 holes on the golf course without access to cold water! The trick here is to set up your golf cart. Just strap this cooler bag in place before you load. If using a Clicgear cart, then there’s a separate slot for a bag like this.

Inside it, you’ll find a mesh pocket to accommodate a cold pack. Because nothing beats the pure joy of drinking chilled water on a hot, sunny day on the golf course, right!

Furthermore, the bag rides low and isn’t obtrusive at all.

Key Features

  • Insulated lower pocket and spacious upper pocket
  • Mesh pocket included for holding ice pack
  • Attaches very easily to the Clicgear cart frame

9. AROUY Golf Cooler Bag

AROUY Golf Cooler Bag - Golf Accessories for Men and Small...
736 Reviews
AROUY Golf Cooler Bag - Golf Accessories for Men and Small...
  • Material: The 2021 new golf cooler bags material is upgraded, the zipper is more...
  • Capacity: 17.3'' H x 6.7'' L x 3.1'' W. Especially designed to accommodate six cans...
  • Insulation: High-Density insulation material and liner inside of the insulated cooler...

It’s a discreet cooler bag for golfers who like to drink, and not just beer necessarily. You can fit it into your golf bag’s side compartment very easily. And the carry strap is another feature responsible for convenience and comfort.

Moreover, side access is the best part as it makes your beer cans more accessible. And worry not about durability because the brand has used premium quality nylon for construction, which is also leak-proof and waterproof.

Key Features

  • High-density insulation keeps drinks hot and cold
  • Smaller insulated cooler bag for portability
  • Made of leak-proof, waterproof, durable nylon
  • Very lightweight, thus easy to carry on the shoulder or by hand

10. Liquid Spectrum Golf Cooler Bag

Liquid Spectrum Golf Cooler Bag - Soft Insulated Cooler...
240 Reviews
Liquid Spectrum Golf Cooler Bag - Soft Insulated Cooler...
  • KEEPS YOUR DRINKS COLD FOR HOURS - this drink cooler is best for golf bag cart and...
  • THE BEST GOLFING GIFTS for men unique or women who love to have a nice cold drink on...
  • SLIM CAN COOLER DESIGN can be used besides golf also for other activities like...

Yet another easy-to-carry, lightweight cooler bag that quite conveniently slides into your golf bag. Just fill it up with drinks and head out to have a great time on the golf course.

The Slim Can Cooler design makes the bag a perfect choice for not just golf but also other outdoor sports and adventures, even for air travel. It’s a large foam-insulated backpack-style cooler to keep your chilled drinks cold and hot beverages hot for hours.

Key Features

  • Large-capacity cooler bag with an extra side pocket
  • Made of heavy-duty, high-quality nylon
  • Equipped with thick foam insulation
  • Perfect for travel, golf, hiking, camping, etc.
  • Fits into almost every golf and sports bag

11. YETI Hopper Flip Portable Cooler

YETI Hopper Flip 12 Portable Cooler, Charcoal
647 Reviews
YETI Hopper Flip 12 Portable Cooler, Charcoal
  • The Hopper Flip 12 has ColdCell Insulation, a closed-cell foam that offers superior...
  • The Hopper Flip 12 features a 100% leakproof HydroLok Zipper and the wide-mouth...
  • The DryHide Shell is waterproof and resistant to punctures and abrasions so it will...

When you’re not carrying it to the golf course, you can make it a part of your road trips and beach visits. You can also get the YETI 4-pound ice pack and place it at the bottom of this portable cooler. It does indeed help tremendously.

The closed-cell foam insulation, on its own, does a great job of keeping everything cool for a long period of time. Plus, the DryHide Shell of the cooler bag is waterproof plus resistant to abrasions, punctures, and mildew.

Key Features

  • Made for golf, travel, and outdoor activities like hunting, hiking, etc.
  • Wide-mouth opening and leak-proof zipper
  • Waterproof and wear-resistant DryHide Shell
  • High-performing ColdCell insulation

12. MCNICK & COMPANY The Perfect Fitting Golf Cart Cooler Bag

MCNICK & COMPANY - Golf Accessories - The Perfect Fitting...
152 Reviews
MCNICK & COMPANY - Golf Accessories - The Perfect Fitting...
  • ✅ TOP NOTCH GOLF ACCESSORIES - Now you can finally stop carrying two bags because...
  • ✅ Our Golf Cart Cooler Bag is Laser Measured To Fit The Golf Cart Basket Exactly.
  • ✅ AMAZING INOVATIVE DESIGN - Having the best golf bag with cooler will enhance your...

Not a YETI bag for sure, but it’s certainly a sweet deal for golfers. The insulation, even though not much, is enough for specific purposes like keeping your cans of beer cold with some ice. And that’s pretty much about it.

There are 2 plastic liners in here that make the cooler bag durable. So just because you’re not paying a hefty price doesn’t mean you deserve to get a cheap-quality bag.

Key Features

  • Laser-measured to fit into golf cart basket
  • Double plastic liners add durability
  • High-quality insulation, also resistant to drips and leaks
  • Extra storage space, convenient shoulder strap, and quality zippers

13. Callaway Golf Cart Cooler

Callaway Golf Cart Cooler Black, One Size
183 Reviews
Callaway Golf Cart Cooler Black, One Size
  • Includes insulated, welded liner that won't leak
  • Holds twelve 12oz. cans or nine 750 ml bottles
  • Convenient Velcro top opening for quick access

A very convenient foldable golf cart cooler bag that fits into just about anything. The band of this cooler holds ice quite impressively even when the weather is hot. And you’re also sure to love the easy-access top, which consists of a Velcro opening.

When you can fit 12 cans of beer or 9 750-milliliter bottles in a bag, you know it’s spacious for your long, exhaustive rounds of golf on the course, right!

Key Features

  • Welded, insulated, leak-proof liner
  • Velcro-infused top opening enables easy, quick access
  • Fits into most baskets of riding golf carts
  • Collapsible design makes storage convenient

14. Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler

On Sale
Coleman FlipLid Cooler, 5 Quart , Red
9,890 Reviews
Coleman FlipLid Cooler, 5 Quart , Red
  • Portable ice cooler keeps food and beverages cold
  • 5-quart capacity holds up to 6 cans
  • FlipLid is designed with reversible hinges so it can double as a mini tray table

Don’t be apprehensive about buying this traditional cooler built with a handle for your golf rounds. After all, it costs less than $10 only. And it’s pretty small. Nevertheless, the cooler holds enough items. There’s room for 6 beer cans, a soda bottle, an ice pack, and healthy snacks like fruits.

It’s an incredibly portable ice cooler to keep your beverages cold. And the FlipLid design, in particular, is the best part as it doubles up as a miniature version of a tray table.

Key Features

  • Portable cooler for golf and other outdoor gatherings
  • Ergonomically designed handle for comfortable carrying
  • FlipLid with its reversible hinges acts as a tray table

15. Coleman 16 Can Cooler

On Sale
Coleman 16 Can Cooler, Green
2,072 Reviews
Coleman 16 Can Cooler, Green
  • Soft, portable cooler bag with 16-can capacity keeps food and drinks cold
  • Zippered main compartment features heat-welded seams to prevent leaks
  • Removable hard plastic liner for packing flexibility and easy cleaning

A large-capacity cooler bag manufactured by none other than Coleman. The quality simply cannot be questioned in this case. At first sight, the addition of mesh netting inside and on the sides means extra storage.

The main compartment is zippered and contains heat-welded seams for preventing leaks. Speaking of cleaning, this is easy because of the removable hard plastic liner. Then there’s the antimicrobial-treated lining, which is also very practical as it’s resistant to odor, mildew, and mold.

Key Features

  • Portable, soft, and lightweight cooler bag
  • Large capacity accommodates 16 cans of drinks
  • Zippered main compartment and anti-microbial lining
  • Designed with front zippered pockets for extra storage

Why Buy A Golf Cooler?

Because who doesn’t love to pack delicious sandwiches and some cans of refreshing, chilled beer or such refreshments for their day out on the golf course!

Quenching your thirst on a hot, sunny day during a harrowing round of golf does indeed sound like a relaxing experience too. And every time you want to do that you can’t possibly head to the restaurant on the course! So a cooler bag is the best solution to the problem.

Benefits of Golf Cooler Bags

  • Having access to your most favorite chilled beverages or refreshments, such as beer, whenever you want during gameplay.
  • Speaking of beer, playing your round of golf when a little tipsy might just allow you to let loose and perform better on the turf.
  • Saving money by carrying your own drinks and food items. It means you’re not paying the hefty price your golf club charges for these things.

Types of Cooler Bags In Golf

1. Golf Bag Cooler

This one’s a standard golf bag designed with an integrated cooler. So you don’t have to carry two individual bags i.e. a golf bag for your clubs and one to pack your refreshments. You get two-in-one to make your time on the course much more convenient.

In these cooler bags, you can store at least 6-10 cans of beer. This much storage space is more than enough for a single person.

But the fact that they’re two-in-one means they can feel slightly bulky to carry, but you can always fit them into golf carts.

2. Golf Bag Cooler Add-On

Such types of cooler bags for golf are the best for mounting on the side of your actual golf bag. So you don’t have to buy a separate golf bag altogether. The add-on style is a very flexible option in terms of shape and size because it’s slender and long.

You can even remove it from your golf bag and use it as a soft cooler when off the course.

3. Golf Cart Cooler

These golf cooler bags are designed for fitting into the basket of golf carts. The best thing about them is the maximum storage space. So bring in those 12-18 cans of beer for yourself and your golfing buddies.

In comparison to traditional small coolers, this one’s not so wide or long that they don’t fit into the basket of carts.

4. Golf Cooler

These are conventional small coolers that you can take to the golf course for quenching your thirst and maybe even your beer cravings. The most obvious advantage here is that you may already own one. So there’s no need for you to spend any money on this.

And the most alluring benefit is that it’s this particular cooler type that maintains the temperature of ice for the longest time. All thanks to the higher level of insulation.

The drawback, however, is that regular small coolers like these don’t fit into golf cart baskets. So you have to use rope, duct tape, or bungee cords for attachment.

Features to Take Into Account When Buying

Once you’ve decided what type of cooler bag you want, it’s time to move on to the next most important factors.

Lightweight, Compact Design

The golf cooler bag should always be lightweight to handle and carry. Because a heavy bag means extra weight to deal with apart from your golf clubs and all.

Also, you’re going to be storing refreshments in there, which increases weight even more. So the lighter the bag already is, the more stuff you can fit into it without worrying about additional weight.

What about the compact design? This brings the size of the bag into the picture. Avoid buying a huge golf bag just for the heck of it. It’s likely that you spend not over 5 hours on the turf. So carry refreshments you know you’re going to use, keep all the extra drinks and food items out.

Also, the bag should be easy to fold away when not in use.

Storage Capacity

When it can hold as many as 12-16 cans of beer, you know you’re covered for at least 4 rounds of golf. In simple words, know that the cooler bag is large enough.

But, to be honest, there’s no sense in buying a large-capacity bag like this when you only end up consuming 4 cans of beer per round. Why carry all that extra weight and bulk unnecessarily, right!


The most durable materials used are nylon and also polyester. However, it’s the former that’s the most commonly used since it’s highly resistant to wear and tear.

To maximize durability, manufacturers have also installed special features like wear-resistant PU coating, waterproofing, etc.

Cooling Capacity and Insulation

After all, the whole purpose is to make sure your chilled refreshments remain cold and maybe even the hot beverages stay hot for a longer time. Mostly, it’s the former. In that case, a cooler bag that can tolerate unusually high temperatures is a must. It should be able to keep your refreshing, delicious drinks cold for at least 6-8 hours

This is where insulation plays a major role. More preferably, high-quality, ultra-thick foam insulation.


It’s only reasonable for your golf cooler bag to also be portable. It can cool as much as you want but all that seems pointless if you can’t even carry your bag from one hole to the next.

To make such bags portable, brands have incorporated shoulder straps, carry handles, and the like. Some even come with attachments you can use to connect the cooler bag to your actual golf bag and/or golf cart.


Please understand that not all affordable choices are cheap in terms of price or disappointing in terms of storage space, cooling capacity, durability, etc. We’ve reviewed some of the best cooler bags for golf that are also cost-effective. And truthfully speaking, that’s how it should be.

How much you’re willing to spend is actually based on how frequently you carry refreshments to the course. If it’s a lot, you’re sure to use up your money’s worth. But if you’re not an avid golfer at all, then maybe you can use the cooler bag elsewhere, for example travel, outdoor adventures, etc. So decide how much to spend accordingly.


Did you know that some golf clubs don’t allow you to carry cooler bags, no matter the type? This regulation is put in place because such golf courses want you to spend more in order to increase their profits.

So what do you do at such times? Carry a cooler that’s hard to spot. For instance, one that’s compact-sized to fit or hide into your golf bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between Traditional and Golf Bag Coolers?

The latter you can easily camouflage into your regular golfing gear, unlike the former that tends to stand out, hence is easy for others to notice. So traditional coolers get you in trouble if your golf course doesn’t allow carrying your own beers and refreshments.

Can A Golf Cooler Keep Drinks Cold for the Entire Course?

It goes without saying that some cooler bags in golf are more thickly insulated for keeping your refreshments cold for a longer time than the others. But for the most satisfying experience, feel free to place the cooler in your freezer before heading out.

You should also fit ice packs into your bag, which surely contribute a great deal to maintaining the chilled temperature for longer. No wonder so many golf cooler bags we’ve reviewed include at least one ice pack.

How to Keep Beer Cold Inside A Golf Bag? (and how to hide it?)

In the case of a cooler golf bag, the thick closed-cell foam insulation does the job for you. Now you can fit this cooler bag inside your golf bag. Place it in the shoe pocket, where the cooler keeps your drinks cold enough for many, many hours.

As for keeping a beer chilled inside a regular golf bag, check to see if it’s designed with an insulated beverage pocket. Or you could just bring reusable gel ice packs into the picture. Fit them into your bag and let the packs preserve the chilled temperature of your most favorite 6-pack of beer.

What to Do When Golf Cooler Leaks?

Many golf cooler bags are equipped with a leak-proof lining. So if yours doesn’t have one or if it does but leaks are still persistent, then buy freezable thin ice sheets. These prevent leaking very successfully. Or use re-freezable gels or packs that do not melt.

Can I Drive A Golf Cart with A Cooler?

It’s highly frowned upon, that’s for sure. You may end up attracting attention you don’t necessarily need, especially if you wish to play a round with a beer or two.

Is Drinking Beer Legal On Golf Courses?

More and more golf clubs are now not permitting the sale of alcohol on their premises. So it really depends on the location and regulations of that particular golf course. Because every state government has a different set of rules, so check them out before you carry your beers.

Can I Put Ice In Golf Cooler Bag?

Of course, you can. But keep in mind that this ice is going to eventually melt. And that opens the door to a messy experience on the turf and in the cart.

Plus, it’s counterproductive - ice takes up all the insulation that is actually built for your chilled refreshments. This means the ice melts quickly, which heats up all your cold beers faster.

Crushed ice, on the other hand, is a better idea. Nevertheless, it’s still going to make your golf gloves wet. So go with ice packs instead.


The range of options available isn’t limited in any way. There are all types of golf cooler bags out there for you, spread across a wide price range too. You have one that fits 6-8 cans and ones that accommodate as many as 18 cans of beer or soda.

You should, however, choose smaller cooler bags as they’re easier to manage and slide into actual golf bags for discretion. Just make sure the bag is well-insulated, durable, and also portable. It should be leak-proof too, which is a benefit delivered by a special form of lining inside the bag for a mess-free experience.

So keep such factors in mind at the time of buying. And you’ll end up using your golf cooler bag for a good 10 years’ time.

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