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Best Golf Drivers for Women to Hit Straight and Long

What you’ll find below is the section where I review some of the best golf drivers for women. It goes without saying that there’s much ado about the invention of new technology when it comes to golfing equipment. More and more brands are coming up with the most advanced features every single year that make their clubs from the previous collections obsolete.

The golf driver, no doubt, is among the most significant golf clubs since it’s the most useful for boosting your distance off that tee. It gives you the most distance in comparison to any other golf club, that’s for sure.

So if hitting your driver long and straight is something you’re struggling with, then please note that you’re only setting yourself up for just the opposite of a fantastic hole and a fantastic score. In that case, you might need all the assistance you demand for correcting any possible weaknesses, right?

Also, drivers are the most rewarding to hit golf clubs. You feel nothing but joy when you see your shot soaring across the course. However, they’re also one of the most difficult golf clubs to hit, and also the longest. The latter means reduced golf swing control.

So how about you and I eliminate these tricky zones, so you can generate just the kind of longer, straighter drives your round of golf deserves!

1. TaylorMade SIM MAX Women’s Driver

TaylorMade SIM MAX Women’s Driver

If you’re an experienced player, then you already know that TaylorMade is one of the go-to brands for golf clubs. Women beginners and professionals both turn to TaylorMade for not only drivers but also the most forgiving irons that boost speed and distance. Speaking of which, the SIM MAX is specifically crafted for greater distance and ball speed.

But how do I know that? It’s because of the golf club’s revolutionary Aerodynamic Asymmetric Sole combined with Inertia Generator. Both give you more distance and speed while the back weight positioning produces high MOI to maximize forgiveness.

Not just that, you’re most likely to also benefit from the Speed Injected and Twist Face technologies. The first one calibrates the clubhead to the highest legal speed limit for improving ball speed across the clubface. And Twist Face is just the feature women golfers who frequent mis-hits need as it provides a larger hitting surface that also whips up straighter shots.

Key Features

  • 2-degree loft adjustability optimizes trajectory
  • Multi-material construction with high MOI and low CG
  • Corrective clubface angle ideal for off-center strikes
  • Speed Injected technology enhances ball speed
  • Aerodynamic Asymmetric Sole boosts distance

2. TaylorMade Golf M6 Women’s Driver (Best for Beginners)

TaylorMade Golf M6 Women’s Driver

Let me first make it very clear that the TaylorMade M6 Driver, unquestionably, is a part of every article that lists the best drivers for beginners and even high handicappers; here’s all the proof you need. And why wouldn’t it be when it’s got Speed Injected technology, Twist Face technology, Aerodynamic Carbon Sole, Inertia Generator, and Hammerhead 2.0 slot.

The first three I’ve already discussed in the previous review. As for the phenomenal Hammerhead slot, it works in partnership with the revolutionary Speed Injected Twist Face for producing an even larger sweet spot. And that means only one thing; preserving ball speed even in the case of mis-hits.

If this isn’t the best for most women golfers, then I don’t know what is!

Key Features

  • Speed Injected clubhead maximizes distance and ball speed
  • Clubface curvature corrects off-center shots
  • Aerodynamic shaping provides clubhead speed for extra distance
  • More flexible Hammerhead slot creates a massive sweet spot

3. TaylorMade Women’s RBZ Driver

TaylorMade Women’s RBZ Driver

You know why I highly and definitely recommend RBZ by TaylorMade? It’s because this particular driver has earned the reputation of being fairly forgiving, especially if your swing speed is average. You could be a weekend golfer or someone who hasn’t stepped foot on the golf course for years and still praise the current TaylorMade creation.

The large 460cc sized titanium clubhead features an adjustable loft, so you can optimize trajectory and launch for your benefit. Then there’s the super-light titanium core that positions mass strategically to give you even more trajectory control and a higher launch.

As for distance, TaylorMade’s exclusive Speed Pocket technology is incorporated, which generates a combination of low spin and high launch, thus boosting distance. In all, it’s an easy-to-hit driver that straightens out your drives like no other.

Key Features

  • Tour-proven Speed Pocket and Loft Sleeve technologies
  • Large clubhead for more forgiveness
  • Premium shaft offers a smooth feel
  • Satin black finish improves alignment with its elegant detailing

4. Cobra Women’s 2018 F-Max Driver (Best for Senior Women)

Cobra Women’s 2018 F-Max Driver

Cobra’s offset F-Max ranks among the best drivers for senior golfers simply because of not one but many features. Firstly, there’s the offset hosel structure responsible for creating higher launch and greater draw bias to activate more accurate, straighter shots.

Secondly, the ultra-light shafts promote more clubhead speed and distance, thus making the driver the most suitable for slower swings speeds. Even the forged titanium clubface insert gives you the distance and speed you absolutely demand since, as a senior, you’re highly prone to producing off-center hits.

Key Features

  • Offset hosel for higher launch and more draw bias
  • Ultra-light shafts perfect for slower swing speeds
  • Crown alignment promotes straighter strikes off the tee
  • Back-heel CG weight makes the driver more forgiving

5. Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver

Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver

With this lightweight graphite shaft, ladies-flex, high-lofted Callaway driver, you can hit much farther, no two ways about that. If you’ve been teeing off with your 3 wood because you simply can’t control your slice, then turn to Callaway Epic Flash to fix that issue for you.

The Flash Face helps you gain more distance in the form of more ball speed. Its sophisticated structure is actually developed by A.I., thus making the driver a one-of-a-kind golf club. Plus, Jailbreak technology is also infused into the driver to place a higher impact load over the clubface, which, in turn, promotes greater ball speed.

And to make the club forgiving, you can rely on the lighter Trixie Carbon Crown that increases MOI to correct your mis-hits. No doubt, Epic Flash hits long with control.

Key Features

  • Flash Face promotes additional ball speed to boost distance
  • Jailbreak internal bars further enhance ball speed
  • Adjustable perimeter weighting for straighter shots
  • Lighter Trixie Carbon Crown for unprecedented forgiveness
  • Adjustable hosel ideal for all golfing skill levels

6. Cobra SpeedZone Xtreme Women’s Driver

Cobra SpeedZone Xtreme Women’s Driver

Come face to face with excellent stability and exceptional feel during high-speed impact with Cobra’s recent SpeedZone Xtreme Driver for women. Its stronger, lighter titanium-built T-bar speed chassis is the element to hold accountable for the unparalleled stability and feel.

Let me also bring to your attention the 360 Carbon Wrap Crown. It saves enough weight for making the golf club both faster and lighter. The weight positioned wide and low in the clubhead improves stability. And that means even your off-center strikes travel straighter and farther. In my opinion, it’s the epitome of the best well-engineered driver for women.

Key Features

  • Carbon crown saves weight to reduce club weight
  • Wide, low weight in clubhead corrects mis-hits
  • Exceptional feel and stability at high-speed impact

7. Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Driver

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Driver

Once you own the Mavrik Max Driver by Callaway, you’re bound to improve your fairway performance. It’s the easiest-to-use driver with such great forgiveness that beginners can use even minimal arm strength for hitting longer shots.

On top of that, the natural metallic sound the golf club makes when it strikes the ball is also a very rewarding experience. I also found the brand’s exclusive Jailbreak internal bars very practical additions because they promote faster ball speed.

And then there’s the revolutionized clubface architecture that’s lighter in comparison to the others for boosting forgiveness and speed. A solid driver indeed!

Key Features

  • Easiest to hit with minimal arm power
  • Internal titanium rib system produces a deeper metallic sound
  • Jailbreak technology promotes faster ball speed
  • A lightweight carbon crown creates higher MOI

8. Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue Golf Driver

Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue Golf Driver

It’s not just the quality craftsmanship but also the large sweet spot and lightweight graphite shaft that make Callaway Rogue such a fitting choice for women golfers. And combine that with the brand’s special X-Face VFT and Jailbreak technologies, and what do you get? Long distances and high ball speeds!

The driver has the largest carbon crown surface to create a larger address footprint in order to increase forgiveness as well as stability. Golfers who wish to add a good deal of extra yards to their drives can definitely rely on this one. All thanks to its Speed Step technology that gives you more head speed and improves airflow.

Key Features

  • X-Face VFT promotes high ball speed to boost distance
  • Largest carbon crown maximizes forgiveness
  • Well-crafted driver with quality craftsmanship
  • Speed Step to activate faster clubhead speed

9. Pinemeadow Golf PGX Offset Driver

Pinemeadow Golf PGX Offset Driver

The best part about offset drivers like these is that they help you square your golf ball during impact. And with a squared clubface at impact, your shots are sure to travel straighter and longer. So if your drives are your golf game’s weakest spot, then you know how to correct them.

The combination of offset design and higher loft, in this case, offers a straighter strike every single time, even if you’re new to the game! In that context, beginners might also appreciate the larger sweet spot of the oversized 460cc clubhead.

Plus, its clean, sleek matte black finish makes the golf club look very professional.

Key Features

  • Offset technology for straighter, longer drives
  • Oversized clubhead with a huge sweet spot
  • Light and comfortable grip

10. Majek Women’s High Launch Golf K Series Driver

Majek Women’s High Launch Golf K Series Driver

This, no doubt, is a high-launch golf driver for women that guarantees the greatest ball flight. Its extra thin clubface gives you an increased trampoline-like effect at impact. In simple words, you can smash it with confidence. Every golf club from Majek K-Series is engineered and well-balanced this way with a lower CG.

Moreover, lightweight graphite shaft ideal for women golfers is used. That means you get the opportunity to improve your swing speed. And this, in turn, takes the form of greater distance.

Key Features

  • Ladies flex and lightweight graphite shaft
  • Extra thin clubface allows you to smash your shot
  • Lower CG enables higher launch with reduced spin
  • Sleek black plasma finish

How to Find the Best Ladies Golf Drivers

Here are the most important tips women should keep in mind when buying the easiest-to-hit, most forgiving golf driver for your game…

Shaft Material

No doubt, lightweight graphite is the way to go in case your swing speed is slower in comparison to men golfers. In fact, the best golf clubs for women, for the most part, feature lightweight graphite shafts since these are the most suitable for slower or average swing speeds.

Shaft Length

Now, this also plays a huge role because women have a comparatively smaller physique than men. Did you know that golf clubs for women, in general, are around an inch shorter than men’s clubs? This applies to drivers as well. Once you have the proper shaft length, you can maximize ball control and swing power.


Slower swing speeds and higher lofts go hand in hand. This explains why women’s golf clubs are equipped with a higher loft since most of them have a slower swing speed. In the case of drivers for women, the loft should be between 12 and 16 degrees, even higher is also beneficial.


Never say NO to adjustability as far as your golf driver is concerned. Adjustability in the form of weight, lie, and loft settings. This way, you get the wonderful opportunity to fit your golf club to your playing skills and preferences. And that means more flexibility.


In the reviews section, I have talked a lot about the higher launch. But what does it really mean? Launch typically means the height the ball travels. As for a higher launch, it takes the golf ball farther.

So it’s only in your best interest to opt for a driver that delivers a higher launch. And this, more often than not, presents itself in the form of low CG, adjustable loft, and offset design. These kinds of drivers allow you to launch the ball higher to boost distance more effortlessly.


Back in the days, golf drivers had a compact clubhead. And when the head is designed this way and you tend to hit the golf ball squarely on the driver’s clubface, then you mis-hit your shot. However, the modern and technologically advanced drivers of today have a large clubhead in order to automatically correct your off-center strikes. And that is known as forgiveness.

So even if you hit the golf ball more toward the toe or hosel, your drive is bound to travel straighter and longer.


Another term I’ve used quite a lot is MOI, Moment of Inertia. And it refers to how resistant the clubhead is to twisting. A higher MOI implies higher resistance, and that means more forgiveness.

That said, drivers with back weight positioning, lighter carbon crown, and/or multi-material construction offer higher MOI to make the clubs more forgiving.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Driver of Loft Is the Best for Beginners?

If you aren’t a skilled golfer or you struggle with launching your tee shots, then a higher lofted driver should be your companion for the time being. A loft between 12 and 16 degrees is the most suitable at such times. You can go even higher as a matter of fact.

It all depends on your swing speed.

  • Swing speed of 60 mph – 14-15 degrees driver loft
  • Swing speed between 60 and 70 mph, 12-13 degrees driver loft
  • Swing speed between 80 and 90 mph, 9-10.5 degrees driver loft
  • Swing speed above 90 mph, you’re free to select any loft

How to Improve Swing Speed In Golf?

With greater swing speed comes more driving distance. And if achieving longer drives is your priority, then it’s time to correct your golf swing technique.

  • Start with maintaining a broad stance. This is often the most neglected aspect since it’s such a basic piece of instruction. With a wide stance, you’re creating a solid foundation for your body to generate a powerful swing.
  • Then there’s the part involving your shoulders during the movement. Don’t make the common mistake of bringing your driver straight back. Instead, do a lot of twisting with your shoulders as in the case of serving a tennis ball.
  • If you’re a right-handed golfer, then dip the right shoulder slightly. What this simple yet effective tip does is help you achieve the perfect angle once the clubface hits the golf ball.
  • When your backswing is in its prime i.e. on the top, don’t forget to turn the waist before dropping your arms and hands. This, no doubt, creates the right angle for tee shots as well.

The EndNote

I hope you found the comprehensive guide section to be a useful asset when it comes to choosing the best ladies golf driver. It certainly is full of invaluable, practical information explaining the different parts and special jargons commonly associated with drivers.

And even my top 10 recommendations are reviewed the most meticulously. Only the easiest-to-hit, most forgiving golf drivers equipped with the ladies shaft flex are a part of that list. So you can’t go wrong with any one!

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