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Best Golf Irons for Mid Handicappers 2021 to Improve Shot Consistency

The mid-handicapper zone is considered to be better than its low handicap and high handicap counterparts. Because mid-handicappers hit the golf ball straight down that fairway. On top of that, you get to chip, putt, and make fantastic birdies and pars at the right moment. No wonder mid-handicappers are often winning so many golfing competitions and prizes.

However, hitting greens in the case of a mid-handicap becomes slightly burdensome, particularly when the holes tend to get longer. After all, don’t all golfers, no matter their handicap, desire to strike longer iron shots. But, at the same time, you want your shot to travel straighter as well in order to gain more of those fancy birdies and pars.

Thanks to modern technology and innovation-driven brands, there are the best irons for mid handicappers that pave the way for hitting longer and straighter more easily.

1. Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set

Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set

The first shot you take with the Cleveland Launcher HB 4 Iron from a distance, even though you’ve not hit a 4 iron for a very long time, the golf ball is bound to fly like a rocket that goes straight. You may not necessarily be looking to gain extra yards with this set but rather the ability to hit your shots straighter, both of which are a part of the experience here.

The higher ball flight, quicker stops on the green, and even improved pitching and chipping are all a result of these wider-soled irons ideal for mid handicappers to high handicappers.

Key Features

  • Hollow construction adds more forgiveness
  • Low, deep weighted crown for higher ball flight
  • Ultra-thin face flexes more to generate longer distances

2. TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron

TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron

TaylorMade always meets expectations; in fact, they go beyond that. With the M6 irons, the brand has used Speed Bridge to present to you on the golf course a combination of exceptional distance, feel, and sound. The great control and feel of these clubs are perfect for mid-handicap golfers.

Then comes Speed Pocket, yet another revolutionary technology, to increase ball speed even in the case of a mis-hit. On top of that, the redefined forgiveness simply transforms the whole experience with its massive sweet spot sprawled across the entire clubface.

Key Features

  • More speed with Speed Bridge
  • Lower CG boosts ball speed and launch angle
  • Advanced HYBRAR compression damper filters vibrations

3. TaylorMade M2 Men’s Golf Iron Set

TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men’s Golf Iron Set

With GEOCOUSTIC engineering, your every shot is sure to produce a confidence-inspiring feel and sound with no unpleasant vibrations. And with Face Slot Technology engineering, these M2 irons are obligated to add forgiveness on your not-too-common yet not-too-rare either off-center strikes as well.

TaylorMade decided to move the discretionary weight in the lower section of the clubhead just so that you can launch higher to gain more distance. No denying, the M2 irons hit the golf ball straighter and are extremely forgiving.

Key Features

  • Ultra-low CG delivers higher launch and more distance
  • Face slots offer added forgiveness on mis-hits
  • GEOCOUSTIC engineering for solid feel and sound
  • Adjustable loft and lie to fit your needs

4. TaylorMade Golf P790 Iron Set

TaylorMade Golf P790 Iron Set

The P790 Irons by TaylorMade may look like blades but they’re twice as forged and forgiving. The forged hollow body, in particular, combines with the soft carbon steel construction for creating explosive distance as well as forgiveness.

The golf balls are under compulsion to travel straight and high. And I’m certain it’s because of the low-profile Tungsten weighting with its lower CG.

These irons also feature ultra-light SpeedFoam that’s injected into the clubhead for pushing the boundaries of the clubface to boost speed while also improving feel.

Key Features

  • Flexible Speed Pocket maximizes ball speed and forgiveness
  • Progressive Inverted Cone technology corrects mis-hits
  • Forged hollow-bodied construction for explosive distance
  • Light urethane foam inside the clubhead improves feel
  • Low-profile Tungsten weight to produce higher launch

5. Callaway X HOT Iron Set

Callaway X HOT Iron Set

Can you rely on these incredibly fast, long, and forgiving X HOT irons by Callaway? I don’ see why not since the golf clubs are specially engineered for more distance and faster ball speed. Even the sound and feel are extremely satisfying factors.

No doubt, it’s a great iron set for mid-handicap and high-handicap golfers. Top-notch quality and very soft feel are genuinely surprising in this case. Surprising to me because these irons aren’t as long in comparison to the more advanced speed slot cup face. Nevertheless, the real power is found in their lofts.

These lofts have a lot in common with the standard lofts found on game improvement irons. But these are flat out much easier for achieving consistency. And that matters a lot to mid-handicappers.

Key Features

  • Forgiving, fast, and long irons
  • High-quality with a very soft feel and great sound
  • Designed for consistency, distance, and speed

6. Callaway Golf Men’s Apex CF16 Irons Set

Callaway Golf Men’s Apex CF16 Irons Set

You’re a mid-handicapper, correct? So it’s highly likely you’re looking for distance with playability. If that’s so, then you might appreciate the face cup in these forged players irons. The industry-leading 360 Face Cup technology redefines ball speed like no other.

Then come factors the most suitable for the mid-handicap level. These include progressive offset, wide sole, multi-piece construction, perimeter weighting, and low CG. And you know what that means; excellent playability, forgiveness, control, and ball flight with every iron.

Key Features

  • 360 Face Cup technology boosts ball speed
  • Offset hosel and wide sole ideal for mid-handicappers
  • Perimeter weighting adds forgiveness
  • Advanced forging provides an extremely soft feel

7. Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Rogue X Irons Set

Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Rogue Irons Set

The Rogue Irons Set by Callaway is the personification of how distance on the golf course should feel. And you have nothing but the brand’s exclusive VFT and 360 Face Cup to hold responsible for that. These two remarkable technologies expand just the part on the clubface that increases ball speed. And this gives you the distance you demand.

Moreover, Tungsten weighting positions the CG with precision to promote optimal control and launch. Then there are the urethane microspheres that dampen excessive vibrations for improving feel and sound.

Even high-handicappers find these irons truly forgiving. And also admire them for the great sound and feel, along with the long-distance benefit.

Key Features

  • 360 Face Cup increases ball speed
  • Variable Face Thickness promotes distance on mis-hits
  • Tungsten weight precisely controls CG location
  • Elastic-urethane microspheres improve feel and sound

8. Mizuno MP-20 Golf Iron Set

Mizuno MP-20 Golf Iron Set

Mizuno MP-20 irons have a tolerance that’s six times tighter in comparison to standard irons. And this six times tighter tolerance delivers greater purity. These are forged HD golf irons that feature Harmonic Impact technology. The fine-tuned clubhead structure gives you the most optimal impact feedback and feel.

What also greatly contributes to the enhanced impact feel is the copper underlayer. Moreover, as a mid-handicapper, you can achieve a higher launch more consistently using the low-CG long irons of the set, which also includes lower-launching, more compact, higher-CG scoring irons.

Key Features

  • Fine-tuned clubhead delivers optimal feedback
  • Enhanced impact feel with thin copper underlay
  • Flow tapered blade set
  • Low-CG long irons produce higher launch
  • Tolerance is tighter than standard irons

9. Titleist 718 AP3 Irons

Titleist 718 AP3 Irons

Did you know that Titleist actually means Title Holder? No doubt, this ranks among the top brands for golf equipment. So it’s no surprise that their 718 AP3 Irons have garnered so much attention among golfers who want to incorporate a combination of forgiveness and distance into their game.

The hollow-blade body and L-Face inserts enable high and long shots with the much-needed shot-halting spin. And this applies to your longer strikes as well.

What about off-center performance you might be wondering? Well, for that, Titleist has infused the off-center forgiveness of game improvement irons along with the solid feel of players irons into one. That means the 718 AP3 Irons are forgiving in case you fail to pure it and are precise if you do.

Key Features

  • Player-preferred shape for an enhanced feel
  • Game improvement iron forgiveness on mis-hits
  • Hollow blade and L-Face inserts launch high and long
  • Very impressive shot-stopping spin

10. Srixon Z 585 8PC Iron Set

Srixon Z 585 8PC Iron Set

In total, there are four things to like about this Srixon iron set. It might seem like a small number but only these four features are more than enough when it comes to making you utter the word “WOW” on the golf course.

Firstly, there are the Tour V.T. soles, which are wider in long irons to maximize forgiveness, that create smooth ground interaction for consistency. Secondly, the special internal channel Speed Groove paves the way for greater face flex to boost distance and speed.

The third noteworthy feature is the forged body for reduced vibration and better impact feel. And the final one is the laser milling that delivers consistent spin from the rough or fairway. This translates into more control and even more stopping power. Ideal for mid-handicap golfers, no doubt about that.

Key Features

  • Looks and feels like compact players irons
  • Tour V.T. sole produces consistent ground interaction
  • Speed Groove enhances distance and speed
  • Forged construction minimizes unwanted vibrations

What Golfers Are Considered To Be Mid-Handicappers?

No doubt, the handicap index formulated by the USGA is a complicated system. But it does an excellent job of balancing out the game of golf between players of diverse skill levels. A golf handicap is a single-digit or double-digit number. And for mid-handicappers, the range is between 11 and 20.

Also, did you know that more than 40-percent of the male golfing population falls in the category of mid-handicappers? Meaning 40-percent of men on the golf course can hit good shots, thus achieving a decent amount of distance. But the same 40-percent also struggles with consistency because they’re more likely to generate mis-hits between their decent shots.

That said, mid-handicappers, no doubt, benefit a great deal from golf clubs equipped with maximum forgiveness in order to boost consistently levels. Irons, in particular, should strike the perfect balance between playability and forgiveness.

Difference Between Irons for Mid-Handicap and Low-Handicap

Irons that cater to mid-handicap golfers have the following design characteristics.

  • They are cavity-backed to give you a broader, thus more forgiving sweet spot.
  • They are designed with the offset hosel for promoting straight shots.
  • They are integrated with perimeter weighting for further increasing that sweet spot.
  • They include 5 iron and even sand wedge and pitching wedge.

So, as is evident, mid-handicappers seek game-improvement irons that get the golf ball in the air more easily and shape every shot with more precision. As a result of which, longer distances are inevitable.

On the other hand, low-handicap golfers benefit from thin-soled blade irons that deliver greater control and feel through contact. Low handicappers, more often than not, choose irons that suit their professional-level playing style.

How Do Mid-Handicapper Irons Improve Your Game

Just the idea of hitting more greens makes you want to head to the golf course more frequently. When you know where your golf ball is going to land, you play your round of golf with more confidence, isn’t it? And hitting closer means making a higher number of birdies and pars. Thus, eventually, dropping your mid-handicap double digits to a single digit.

So here’s how that happens with irons designed for mid-handicap golfers.

  • These irons promote a higher launch with minimal effort.
  • They land incredibly softly on the greens.
  • And most importantly, mid-handicap irons are extremely forgiving on off-center strikes.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying Mid-Handicap Irons

Shaft Material and Flex

In terms of material, there’s graphite and steel. The former is the best for golf hybrids and drivers. In the case of irons though, steel is better than graphite as far as the “feel” factor is concerned.

No doubt, graphite helps with distance when your swing speed is slower. That is why drivers designed for high handicappers and beginners have a graphite shaft. Because the minimized weight contributes a great deal to gain extra speed and distance.

Moving on to shaft flex, it depends on your swing speed, and not the handicap. Regular flex works best for golfers with a swing speed between 70 and 80 mph. Stiff flex is ideal for a swing speed between 80 and 90 mph. Anything above 90 mph, and you can choose the Extra Stiff shaft flex. While anything below 70 mph demands the use of A or L flex.


For a mid-handicap golfer, cavity-back irons are the most fitting simply because they’re the easiest to hit. All thanks to their wide soles that are often a part of game-improvement golf clubs.

The clubhead is also built with redistributed perimeter weighting to activate more forgiveness and stability. So even if you frequent mis-hits between good shots, consistency doesn’t get compromised.

Stay away from blades as a mid-handicapper because these types of golf irons are more suitable for low-handicappers i.e. professionals and advanced players who desire greater control from their iron game.

How Cavity-Back Irons Boost the Performance of Mid-Handicappers

Wide Sole

Cavity-back irons feature a wider sole, and that means a lower CG to place greater weight behind and below the ball on your every shot. In simple words, the wide sole promotes a higher launch even in the case of off-center hits. The extra sole weight bounces off the turf rather than digging into the ground, unlike thin-soled blade irons.

Beginners are better off with a very, very fat sole. However, mid-handicap golfers benefit a huge amount from a reasonably fat sole. Likewise, you should also avoid using game-improvement irons as they demand an advanced skill set in order to get the golf ball airborne.

Perimeter Weighting

Perimeter weighting means a hollowed-out back structure with the spare metal positioned around the perimeter. So more mass is placed behind the golf ball, which is ideal for correcting mis-hits.

Perimeter-weighted golf clubs, in general, feature a larger sweet spot. And that’s because the clubface is enclosed with reinforced perimeter weight. This also applies to the top-rated golf irons for seniors that are engineered to boost forgiveness and distance for the lack of speed in their swing.

Muscle-back irons, on the contrary, feature weight behind their comparatively smaller sweet spot. And that means an off-center strike is very likely to shoot an awful amount of pain up from the club toward and into the fingers.

Offset Hosel

My reviews are proof of the fact that cavity-backed irons are the most suited for mid-handicap golfers. Primarily because they are built with an offset hosel design. It means the clubhead consists of a hosel or neck positioned at the front of the clubface. This way the face is set back slightly from the club’s neck.

A greater offset generates a higher trajectory. No matter the clubface loft! So, with more offset, you, as a mid-handicapper, can actually achieve an increased shot height, which is extremely useful in case you tend to struggle with getting the golf ball airborne.

Since you’ve not yet developed the skill required for squaring the face during impact, you need the offset design to do that for you. It, no doubt, promotes a draw, along with minimizing the possibility of hitting fades.

Golf Irons to Avoid As A Mid-Handicapper

It’s simple, stay away from golf irons that are labeled blade, muscle back, Tour, pro, or players irons. These cater to low-handicap golfers i.e. more advanced players. Because they feature characteristics not appropriate or suitable for mid-handicappers.

Such as a reduced sweet spot, more weight positioned behind the tiny sweet spot, and a hosel that’s not offset since pros find it easier to slice when they slice. Along with sets that include irons that are the most difficult to hit.

The Bottom Line

So strike the perfect balance between playability and forgiveness with golf irons designed with mid-handicap-friendly features. The golf club, even despite your handicap not being high, should be forgiving enough for your recurrent mis-hits. That, no doubt, sets forth a more consistent golfing performance.

At the same time, these irons feel rewarding enough for all your on-point shots. No wonder it’s such a challenge to look for irons for mid-handicap golfers even though they’re the ones winning most of the competitions and trophies worldwide.

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