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Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet In 2021 for the Most Comfortable Fit

What’s common is golfers with wide feet. But what’s not so common is finding the best golf shoes for wide feet. Now you may think that you can make do with a pair of shoes that can be adjusted to fit your wider feet. But that’s just settling for shoes you know are going to invite trouble. A bad fit, inability to pivot properly, foot pain or soreness, etc. - this kind of trouble.

So why cram your feet into a pair that’s too narrow when you can accommodate them in shoes specifically designed for golfers with wide feet! That said, let me introduce you to some of the best ones currently available.

1. ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-Tex Golf Shoe

ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-Tex Golf Shoe

This is the Editor’s Choice, and that shouldn’t be surprising because the brand chosen is ECCO. They manufacture some of the most comfortable golf shoes for both men and women. As for their Biom Hybrid 3, the pair features a removable extra footbed, which comes in handy to give you additional room in the case of wide feet.

ECCO’’s quintessential Gore-Tex waterproof technology is a part of the mix here. It combines factors like protection and breathability. Then comes the revolutionary Biom technology to bring your feet closer to that turf for natural motion.

With incredibly lightweight and strong YAK leather uppers, these shoes are sure to go the extra mile.

Key Features

  • Gore-Tex waterproof technology
  • Tri-Fi-Grip enables rotational support and stability
  • Anti-microbial, cushioned Ortholite insole removable for extra width
  • Hybrid outsoles provide multiple traction angles for grip

2. ECCO Men’s Cool 18 Gore-Tex Golf Shoe

ECCO Men’s Cool 18 Gore-Tex Golf Shoe

Golfers with wide feet often end up wearing shoes with a constrictive toe box. So if your little piggies demand to be spread out and not rub against each other, then go for ECCO Cool 18. The brand, for this pair, partnered with BOA to create an innovative customized, comfort fit closure system with no pressure points.

BOA laces have also been included to last as long as the highly durable shoes do. Plus, they deliver greater comfort, individual fit, and functionality. Top that off with Dynamic Traction System, Tri-Fi-Grip, and SPYDR-GRIP, and you get the most stable foundation from your backswing to your follow-through.

Key Features

  • Gore-Tex waterproof technology
  • Dritton leather offers increased breathability
  • Slim Lock spikes for grip
  • Outsoles are shock-absorbent, lightweight, and flexible
  • Tri-Fi-Grip and SPYDR-GRIP provide rotational support
  • Wide toe box leaves rough room to wiggle the toes

3. Skechers Performance Men’s GO Golf Go Drive 2

Skechers Performance Men’s GO Golf Go Drive 2

There’s no chance you won’t cherish the comfort of these wide shoes. Skechers always makes it a point to exceed expectations. And they have done it again with GO Golf Go Drive 2. It’s a very functional pair of shoes that look like casual sneakers.

In fact, many golfers even wear them off the course. Of course, that does lead to greater wearing off the tread, but the good news is that the shoes are extremely durable.

As for the features, Goga Mat technology in the insoles for high-rebound cushioning, H2GO shield for water-resistance, moisture-wicking and breathable lining, abundantly cushioned midsoles, and rubber traction plate. But it’s the perfect wide fit that matters the most.

Key Features

  • Side perforation initiates a cooling effect
  • Padded tongue and collar with cushioned midsoles
  • High-rebound cushioning installed in the insoles
  • Water-resistant, breathable, moisture-wicking shoes
  • Very comfortable wide fit

4. Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes

Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes

Firstly, these Adidas shoes are the perfect choice for beginner golfers buying on a budget. And secondly, even if your wide feet demand a EEE size, you’re sure to fit into the wide version of your regular shoe size. The fit, no doubt, is simply wonderful.

Moving on, the materials used for construction are extremely comfortable, lightweight, and durable. But what I found to be the most practical is the inclusion of non-marked, durable Adiwear outsoles with traction lugs. So you don’t have to worry about balance and grip on the golf course.

As for what’s inside, there’s the well-cushioned, lightweight CloudFoam sockliner. But I’m not done with the outside. These Adidas Tech Response Shoes also feature exclusive Thintech EXP cleats, which, by the way, are green-friendly.

Key Features

  • Incredibly comfortable, lightweight, and durable
  • Non-marking outsoles with traction lugs for a solid grip
  • Green-friendly Thintech cleats
  • CloudFoam sockliner is abundantly cushioned and lightweight

5. ECCO Women’s Cage Pro Gore-Tex Golf Shoe

ECCO Women’s Cage Pro Gore-Tex Golf Shoe

Even many female golfers have wide feet, I mean it’s not just a male thing. So if you too are ending up with shoes that have a narrow toe box and overall fit that just doesn’t make you feel comfortable on the course, then here’s the ultimate solution. And it comes from a brand quite popular for manufacturing some of the best golfing shoes.

First is the Gore-Tex waterproofing element. Then the combination of SPYDR-GRIP and Tri-Fi-Grip. This combination paves the way for rotational support, so you can make the most of a strong, solid foundation from your backswing to your follow-through.

And if you want more options, then you might want to check out my top recommendations for women golfers right here.

Key Features

  • DIP cage wraps the foot to add stability
  • Breathable inlay sole removable to fit wider feet
  • Naturally positioned pivot points create a solid swing foundation
  • Gore-Tex waterproof technology and Biom Natural Motion technology
  • Made using high-performance, breathable natural tumbled leather

6. FootJoy Men’s Fj Arc Sl-Previous Season Style Golf Shoes

FootJoy Men’s Fj Arc Sl-Previous Season Style Golf Shoes

These are highly acclaimed extra-wide golf shoes that could benefit most golfers out there, even those that don’t have wide feet. And let me tell you why that is. Simply because most golf shoes have a narrow fit. So you can surely use to your advantage the extra width for some extra room.

Apart from that, FootJoy has included advanced responsive cushioning in these spikeless shoes. With molded TPU traction outsoles that deliver max. surface coverage. And that, no doubt, makes way for a more confident swing movement, irrespective of the lie or condition.

Key Features

  • Waterproof, durable synthetic uppers
  • Advanced responsive midsole cushioning
  • Comfortable, cushioned footbed dampens shock
  • Molded TPU outsoles provide high-performance turf grip

7. FootJoy Women’s Pro/Sl-Previous Season Style Golf Shoes

FootJoy Women’s Pro/Sl-Previous Season Style Golf Shoes

Why should only male golfers have all the FootJoy fun! That said, here’s the perfect pair for ladies performing their best on the golf course. You can choose the wide version of your regular size. No matter what version or size you pick, these golf shoes feel nothing but comfortable.

They have MAXGRIP outsoles for slip-free traction. The next notable feature is the Fine Tuned Foam, which delivers stability and cushioning. And when that combines with the generous thickness of the insoles, you get exceptional underfoot cushioning. Plus, it’s a good weather-proof, waterproof shoe.

Key Features

  • MAXGRIP Traction outsoles for slip-free turf interaction
  • Thicker insoles increase underfoot cushioning
  • Fine Tuned Foam adds more cushioning and stability
  • Molded TPU outsoles enable solid traction
  • Made of waterproof, lightweight, durable leather

8. New Balance Men’s Nbg2004 Waterproof Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe

New Balance Men’s Nbg2004 Waterproof Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe

You don’t always have to choose brands like FootJoy or even ECCO in order to own the best pair of golf shoes for your wide feet. New Balance also fits the bill perfectly well. Especially this particular New Balance Golf Shoe with a roomy toe box. There’s enough space in here for wiggling your toes when you’re late into your round of golf.

No blisters, hot spots, funky smells, and the like. Only comfort, which is the result of REVlite midsoles equipped with lightweight cushioning plus premium responsiveness. Even the TPU outsoles attract a lot of praise for their flexibility and stability to enable natural motion.

These are well-made even for those who jog between holes!

Key Features

  • REVlite cushioned midsoles activate responsiveness
  • Microfiber, water-resistant leather uppers
  • Low-profile, removable slim-lok cleats for better ground contact
  • Roomy toe box perfect for wide feet

9. Skechers Performance Men’s Go Golf Elite 2 Golf Shoe

Skechers Performance Men’s Go Golf Elite 2 Golf Shoe

Even if you have very wide feet, these Skechers golf shoes don’t feel narrow or constricted at all. Go Golf Elite 2 is surely constructed to last, with its premium leather upper and spikeless traction outsole. There are perforation accents built into the shoes to give your feet the cooling effect they need during your round of golf.

Waterproof protection and high-performance cushioning are a part of the construction as well. On top of that, the brand has created a low-drop design. This means your feet stay low to that turf in a more neutral position, thus preventing potential foot/ankle injuries.

Key Features

  • H2GO Shield offers waterproof protection
  • 5GEN cushioned insoles for high performance
  • The heel lock creates a stable, secure fit
  • Perforation accents integrated to provide a cooling effect

10. Callaway Men’s Balboa Vent Golf Shoe

Callaway Men’s Balboa Vent Golf Shoe

If Callaway can manufacture some of the best golf clubs, such as the Callaway irons shortlisted here for mid-handicappers, then why can’t the brand also design golf shoes that accommodate really wide feet! In that light, here’s the Balboa Vent Golf Shoe, which is lightweight and airy with insoles that keep your wide feet in place.

What’s also attention-grabbing is the addition of multi-direction traction control lugs. They’re installed into the spikeless outsoles. Then comes the special Opti-Vent mesh liner that activates the much-needed heat management on the golf course.

And finally, the EVA sockliner and midsoles are generously cushioned for all the comfort you desire to play a successful round of golf, wide feet or not!

Key Features

  • Dura-rubber outsoles with traction control lugs
  • Heat management enabled by a mesh liner
  • Soft, lightweight, cushioned EVA midsoles
  • Extra-wide width fit is supremely comfortable

Choosing the Correct Width of Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

The standard width (denoted by the letter D) of golf shoes is perfect for average-sized feet. Then there’s the wide version of this, and the extra-wide option too. The former is E while the latter is EE. Triple-wide, which is EEE, is also available.

And it’s only common sense to assume that not all shoe brands offer these varying widths. Only top brands like FootJoy and ECCO manufacture golf shoes that are as wide as EEE. So that means it’s more likely you’ll find the perfect fit for your wider feet with such brands.

Otherwise, you should go for golf shoes with a wide toe box and removable insoles. Both make more room for your wide feet. Along with preventing your foot and toes from feeling constricted.

Important Factors to Keep In Mind When Buying Wide Golf Shoes

Just the idea of walking 5 miles during your round of golf sounds tiring. But that only happens on the course if your shoes are uncomfortable. Or if they lack support. Your feet demand traction, lateral stability, cushioning, and more. And in the case of wide feet, they require more space as well.

So here are the most important factors you simply should not neglect when choosing golf shoes

Proper Fit

It’s the most important characteristic when buying golf shoes, particularly when you have wide feet. That means you cannot select the standard shoe size. The brand should offer wide and extra-wide options for your regular shoe size.


How much room inside the shoe is ideal for wide feet? The distance between the side of the shoe and your big toe should be 1/2 inch. This space doesn’t really matter if your feet are normal in size. However, the half-inch makes a huge difference when wide feet have to stand for a long time and even walk for miles.

Much the same way, a gap between the top and your foot should also be 1/2 inch. If there’s no such gap, then you’re only paving the way for foot injuries, such as twisting your arch.

At the same time, make sure the shoe isn’t excessively wide. If your foot is moving around or sliding a lot inside the shoe, then it’s not going to feel comfortable on the fairway.

Material of the Upper

When it comes to golf shoes, the uppers are made of either leather or synthetic materials. Leather, more often than not, is paired with a breathable fabric. Hence, it’s best for durability and keeping your feet dry and cool. Leather golf shoes are also abrasion-resistant and water-resistant. But the material feels stiff i.e. not very flexible and stretchable.

Then you have synthetic uppers, which, no doubt, are more affordable and lightweight. But they’re not as water-resistant/waterproof and even long-lasting as their leather counterparts.


Are the outsoles lightweight, shock-absorbent, and flexible? Do they feature traction lugs to deliver a solid, secure grip even on wet terrain? If the golf shoes are designed with molded TPU outsoles, then you get all the advantages I just mentioned.

In fact, some wide golf shoes are also built with multiple traction angles to give you a better grip on all types of surfaces.


When the golf shoe size is available in the wide or extra-wide version, then all you have to take into consideration with regards to the insoles is soft, lightweight cushioning. Otherwise, if it’s a standard-sized golf shoe, then also make sure the pair features removable insoles to make room for your wide feet.

Speaking of insoles, they should be anti-microbial and moisture-wicking to keep away bad odor. For example, Ortholite insoles.


Needless to say, the lacing system is crucial when wide feet are a part of the picture. Traditional laces are the most common among all types of sports shoes. Laces, no doubt, create a personalized, comfortable fit. Therefore, more suitable for wider feet.

Then there are modern spikeless golf shoes designed with Velcro straps. The only drawback of Velcro is that its effectiveness begins to deteriorate when dirt starts to collect on it. On the upside, it doesn’t tear or fray easily like laces. But in the defense of laces, they’re very easy to replace.


For instance, ECCO golf shoes feature Gore-Tex waterproof technology. Then there’s Skechers H2GO Shield for waterproof protection. Also, leather uppers hand out better water-resistance in comparison to synthetic ones.

Commonly Asked Questions

Spikeless or Spiked Golf Shoes - Which Are Better?

I would go with spiked golf shoes because these can handle damp, hilly, and overcast conditions better. But then the lightweight, more flexible design of spikeless golf shoes is hard to overlook.

So it all depends on what the weather or condition of the golf course is like. And also on your personal preferences.

Do Golf Shoes Stretch?

To be completely honest, leather golf shoes are less likely to stretch in order to accommodate wide feet.

Synthetic uppers, on the contrary, stretch quite a bit to conform to the natural shape of your feet. But it goes without saying that only minimal stretching takes place, meaning the fit of the shoe isn’t compromised. So don’t about buying a size smaller.

Final Note

As long as top brands are a part of the picture, you don’t have to worry about finding a wide or extra-wide shoe size. Brands like ECCO, FootJoy, Skechers, and some more are a part of my reviews list because they manufacture some of the most comfortable golf shoes that accommodate wider feet.

In fact, a few of my recommendations are even affordable, budget-friendly choices. And none of them are cheap quality. So, whether you’re spending little or a bit much, know that these shoes are bound to last for a very, very long time. And are sure to support your wide feet during physically challenging rounds of golf.

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