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Best Illegal Golf Balls 2021 to Hit the Farthest Distance

The majority of amateur and even some professional golfers don’t know about the existence of the best illegal golf balls. These non-conforming things are unknown, let alone appreciated. But what do they do? And why should you even consider buying them?

The short answer - they deliver the most amount of distance. Even though they reduce your playability around the greens! Nevertheless, let’s find out all that we can!

1. Polara Self Correcting 2-Piece Golf Balls

Polara Self Correcting 2-Piece Golf Balls

Needless to say, these Polara Self Correcting Golf Balls are crafted for fun i.e. recreational play. If you‘re constantly slicing or hooking, then you might want to make the most of this advanced technology.

The self-correcting less aerodynamic lift that you get results in a straight ball flight. Therefore, minimizing your hooks and fixing your slices. So your shots are highly likely to land in the fairway and not the rough.

Key Features

  • 2-piece construction produces greater distance
  • Fixes slices and reduces hooks for a normal ball flight
  • Clean, bright white-colored cover

2. Bandit Maximum Distance Golf Balls

Bandit Maximum Distance Golf Balls

Are these really maximum or long distance golf balls? I don’t see why not since they feature a super-reactive core that consists of a combination of high-energy transfer metals and polybutadiene synthetic rubber. In simple words, the core paves the way for max. energy transfer from your clubhead to the ball. Thus, boosting distance.

Moreover, the phenomenal aerodynamic design of the dimples places into your hands the smoothest control. It may be illegal and all but it’s great for long drives in scrambles.

Key Features

  • Super-reactive core for maximum energy transfer
  • Revolutionary aerodynamic dimple pattern boosts distance
  • Heavy and hard, thus ideal for high-speed golfers

3. Bandit Non Conforming Illegal Maximum Distance Golf Balls

Bandit Non Conforming Illegal

Is this is a non conforming golf ball? The product title certainly says so. But do the balls actually do what the brand claims? There’s simply no denying that the golf balls provide that extra oomph factor you desire on the turf.

With its durable, abrasion-resistant Surlyn cover, you can achieve optimal results. Something that even the geometric symmetry and aerodynamic structure have to offer. And just like the previous Bandit creation, these golf balls too have a super-reactive core for maximizing energy transfer.

Key Features

  • Surlyn cover is durable and doesn’t scuff or cut easily
  • Feels harder, thus the firmness reduces the spin rate
  • Exclusive core design for maximum energy transfer
  • Dimple design keeps the ball in the air for a longer time

4. Bandit SB Golf Balls

Bandit SB Golf Balls

SB stands for Small Ball Technology. But there’s a high C.O.R. energy-packed core that maximizes ball velocity. And that’s not all, because the manufacturer is Bandit, which is making its third appearance so far.

Furthermore, the small diameter of the golf balls creates less resistance for extending flight time, hence more distance. But be ready for them to feel as hard as a rock.

Key Features

  • An energy-charged core maximizes golf ball velocity
  • Special aerodynamic dimple pattern for distance gains
  • Small diameter extends flight time

5. MG Senior Longest Golf Balls

MG Senior Longest Golf Balls

When you can buy the most forgiving irons for seniors to boost distance, then why can’t you choose the longest golf balls as well for achieving the same result. So if you’re drive is below 250 yards, irrespective of whether you’re an older or younger golfer, then turn to MG golf balls

The MG Senior, unquestionably and even effortlessly, flies longer and higher. Even your putts are bound to feel more solid. It’s the perfect set for golfers who want to have a good time on the course.

Key Features

  • Delivers a hotter feel off the clubface
  • The perfect senior golf balls to increase driving distance
  • Flies longer and higher
  • Sound during contact/impact is solid

6. Volvik Magma Non-Conforming Distance Golf Balls

Volvik Magma Non-Conforming Distance Golf Balls

These golf balls have a 3-piece construction, which automatically points in the direction of a softer feel, which you can use to shape your shots and stop the ball on the green. And this door is wide open not just for advanced players but also for seniors, beginners, and women golfers with slower swing speed.

When the drag force is reduced, you get an increased flying distance. Even with weight adjustment, the running distance of the ball increases.

And to top it off, there’s the dual-core structure for a strong spin and smooth feel. You certainly can’t go wrong with these golf balls if you’re a short-distance hitter.

Key Features

  • 3-piece construction ideal for shaping shots
  • Power Core and Control Layer delivers a smooth feel, strong spin
  • Highly resilient ionomer cover
  • Dimple pattern provides aerodynamic consistency

What Are Illegal or Non-Conforming Golf Balls?

Be it a golf ball or just about any other golfing gear, if it’s non-conforming, then you cannot use it in professional tournaments. They are listed as illegal by the Rules of Golf. These competitions include rounds of golf played based on the Rules of Golf.

The standards of a golf ball control the ball’s spherical symmetry, size, weight, and initial velocity. In simple words, the golf ball should be round. And if it isn’t i.e if the ball doesn’t appear on the conforming golf balls list, then it’s illegal for professional play.

Conforming here just means that all the standard requirements of the golf ball are in-line with the rules established by the R&A and USGA.

When to Use Illegal Golf Balls?

It’s a matter of personal preferences when it comes to using non-conforming balls. Their inclusion in professional tournaments, as you already know, is struck out. But it’s okay for recreational golfers to depend on these types of long-distance golf balls. Even seniors, beginners, and women golfers with slower swing speed.

But the balls are most commonly a part of the game for seniors. And that’s merely because senior golfers struggle with generating greater driving distance.

What About These Golf Balls Makes Them Fly Longer?

So what is it that generates the extra distance? It’s their special weight and size. More specifically, they have a heavier and smaller design than their traditional, conforming, or legal counterparts. And this heavier, smaller structure forces them to go farther.

Just a heads up - such a golf ball design tends to cause some damage to the clubface.

Can These Golf Balls Be Used in Tournaments?

DO NOT use any illegal or non-conforming golf equipment for professional tournament events, including these golf balls of course. Because they’re all labeled as illegal by both the R&A and USGA. As long as the competition doesn’t employ the rules of the two recognized golfing associations, you can use them. However, even then, the balls are frowned upon.

How Else to Fix Slices and Boost Driving Distance In Golf?

You know you can still improve distance without using golf balls deemed illegal. Simply by choosing low-compression balls instead. What low compression does is allow you to hit the golf ball higher while also minimizing ball speed on off-center strikes.

In addition, low-compression golf balls reduce hooks and slices as well. They decrease sidespin, which is the very root cause of hooks and slices in golf.

When it comes to driving distance, with low compression, you gain more energy transfer into the golf ball. The outcome of this is an increased carry distance.

The Verdict

One thing I assure you is that buying these golf balls online is less confusing since you get access to a broader selection. And another thing is keeping the non-conforming or illegal kind of golf balls and other equipment away from your USGA and R&A associated tournaments.

The balls may have a smaller, heavier design with a super-reactive core, aerodynamic dimple pattern, and whatnot. But these golf balls are illegal. Period. However, you don’t have to worry about this AT ALL if you’re just a weekend or recreational golfer. In that case, I would encourage you to make these maximum distance balls a part of your round for more fun.

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