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Top 15 Best Sunday Golf Bags of Golf for 2021

If you have the luxury of time, then playing an 18-hole round of golf works. But what if you don’t? Then it only makes sense to play the quicker version, which is 9 holes. In fact, 9 holes can be used in the case of the majority of handicap ratings. That means you don’t need to lug around a heavy, full-sized bag. For 9 holes, you can get the Best Sunday Golf bags.

Smaller in comparison to the blown-out version of golf bags, Sunday bags are very handy for 9-hole golfing enthusiasts. And mind you, these are just as feature-packed as their full-size counterparts. Now let’s have a look at the top contenders!

1. JEF WORLD OF GOLF JR1256 Pitch & Putt Sunday Bag

JEF WORLD OF GOLF JR1256 Pitch & Putt Sunday Bag

It is what it is - the perfect Pitch & Putt Sunday Bag that accommodates 6 golf clubs. It can even fit in 8 if you don’t seem to have a problem with your clubs sticking to one another. The bag, no doubt, lasts for an entire season without showing any signs of weakness or wear and tear.

With a travel-friendly and lightweight golf bag like this, you’re compelled to carry fewer golf clubs to the driving range. This welcomes a more focused range session. Plus, it comes with a stand and adjustable, comfortable carry sling.

Key Features

  • Very lightweight bag with a stand
  • Carry straps retains proper balance
  • Zippered pocket included for holding 10 golf balls
  • Ideal for par-3 courses, driving range, and travel

2. Callaway Golf 2019 Hyperlite Zero Stand Bag

Callaway Golf 2019 Hyperlite Zero Stand Bag

Just because a golf stand bag is lightweight doesn’t mean it’s any less durable. And this is true of Callaway Hyperlite Zero Stand Bag that’s both incredibly lightweight and extremely durable.

In fact, you can use this bag for playing 18 holes as well. That means it fits a complete 14-piece set of golf clubs. And you get to do this without feeling any fatigue because of the weight of the bag during your long round of golf.

Key Features

  • 4-way top golf stand bag with full-length dividers
  • Made of lightweight, 25-percent more durable nylon
  • Strong, steady carbon fiber legs
  • Zippers are also extra-durable

3. Par3 Golf Lightweight Sunday Golf Bag

Par3 Golf Lightweight Sunday Golf Bag

The design and features of this Par3 Golf Bag are very practical. So it’s quite unfortunate to find out that the brand has only created this one in a single color, which is black. But if you’re into black, then go ahead and buy the lightweight bag for its 2-pound weight. And for the bag’s capacity to hold 6 to 7 golf clubs very comfortably.

It’s the best for range sessions where you only wish to focus on a certain set of golf clubs. Sadly, there’s no carry strap but you can easily attach one if you like. What’s appealing instead is the inclusion of plenty of pockets that accommodate essentials plus offer extra storage space.

Key Features

  • Very lightweight Sunday bag (2 pounds only)
  • Velour-lined valuables pocket provides safe storage
  • Built-in carry handle

4. Titleist Adaptive Club Case Caddie Stand Bag

Titleist Adaptive Club Case Caddie Stand Bag

Consider buying the Titleist golf stand bag for short courses and practice. It allows you to move around very comfortably and easily without troubling your shoulders. On top of that, the stand comes with feet, which means you don’t need to leave your expensive golf clubs on the lawn.

What’s more is that a stand like this reduces the chances and worries of missing golf clubs. And that, no doubt, makes your round of golf much more fun.

Key Features

  • Lightweight stand bag that can hold 6 golf clubs
  • Features strap for easy, comfortable carry
  • Firm, high-quality, durable fabric construction

5. CaddyDaddy Ranger Carry Sunday Range Travel Bag

CaddyDaddy Ranger Carry Sunday Range Travel Bag

A multi-functional golf bag you can take on your non-golf vacations to enjoy just a few rounds where you don’t require every club. It’s lightweight yet sturdy. And the bag can fit golf clubs like a putter, driver, hybrid, fairway wood, and 3 irons all at once. In fact, you can even put your golf shoes into the bag. And your tees, gloves, and balls in the pockets.

The travel bag offers all the space one might need for a practice season, weekend getaway, or just an easy walk along the course.

Key Features

  • Molded base, padded top, and solid body for protecting clubs
  • Made of super-tough, ultra-durable 1680D nylon fabric
  • Accommodates as many as 9 golf clubs
  • Easy-grip handle and padded shoulder strap

6. Orlimar Pitch and Putt Lightweight Stand/Carry Golf Bag

Orlimar Pitch and Putt Lightweight Stand/Carry Golf Bag

How about enjoying your range session or even your walking session along the course without any strain? This Orlimar golf bag is an ultra-lightweight piece of gear equipped with a stand. It weighs less than 2 pounds and it’s got enough room to accommodate 6-7 golf clubs.

The retractable legs, no doubt, deliver support as well as easy access to your clubs. And you don’t even have to worry about carrying the bag since it’s not just super-light but also comes with a shoulder strap plus carry handle.

Key Features

  • Ultra-lightweight carry/stand golf weighs only 1.95 pounds
  • Double-compartment top with 6-7 club storage
  • Retractable legs for easy access and support
  • Both shoulder strap and carry handle included

7. JONES GOLF BGS Original Jones Golf Bag

JONES GOLF BGS Original Jones Golf Bag

A little over 3 pounds, this golf bag is perfectly balanced and comfortable. It’s sturdy and well-built yet flexible. So much so that you can even fold down the bag to pack the thing into your checked luggage. It sits perfectly on the shoulders for many rounds of golf.

Carrying 10 golf clubs with 14 golf balls for executive courses is possible. So you can ditch the heavy, full-sized cart bags that are made for full golf courses. And no complaints regarding the quality and/or durability since the manufacturer is Oregon-based Jones.

Key Features

  • Lightweight vintage golf bag perfect for walking the course
  • Non-slip, padded, comfortable carry strap
  • Features full-length pocket and 2 zippered ball pouches

8. ProActiv Sports 5” Sunday Bag

ProActiv Sports 5” Sunday Bag

Made of lightweight, durable polyester, this carry bag is the ideal companion for an executive golf course or the driving range. Let me be completely honest with you here. This Sunday bag may not be the most durable given its cost but if it lasts for an entire season or two, then you get your money’s worth. That’s for sure.

With limited space, you get to carry your favorite golf clubs to play par-3 courses as often as you’d like. It even offers 2 zippered pockets and 1 mesh pocket to store your tees, balls, divot tools, and more.

Key Features

  • Travel-friendly, lightweight, foldable bag
  • Padded shoulder strap and convenient side handle
  • Pockets added for tees, balls, etc.

9. Champkey Professional Golf Sunday Bag

Champkey Professional Golf Sunday Bag

A certainly affordable option for those who just want to carry a few golf clubs in a bag that’s small and lightweight. It can easily hold 3-9 clubs. And you can easily carry the bag, all thanks to its padded shoulder strap and also the convenient side handle.

The water-resistant, durable 600D nylon fabric construction is also a key takeaway. So there’s no need to carry or pull a larger bag when walking a 9-hole course.

Key Features

  • Portable, foldable bag that holds 3-9 golf clubs
  • Features a convenient handle and padded strap
  • 600D nylon construction for durability and water resistance
  • 6 pockets for carrying tees, balls, divot tools, and more

10. TOURBON Vintage Golf Club Carry Bag

TOURBON Vintage Golf Club Carry Bag

Yes, it’s a Sunday bag that’s lightweight, high-quality, and made for playing few holes. But what makes this TOURBON bag such a popular choice is its classic/vintage style. Many male and female golfers appreciate this particular quality of the bag.

Made of leather and canvas, the bag is very comfortable and easy to carry. And the best part is the heavily padded top that protects the heads of your expensive golf clubs.

Key Features

  • Made of top quality leather and canvas
  • Golf tee holder and golf ball pouch included
  • The top is heavily padded for protecting club heads
  • Convenient side handle and padded shoulder strap

11. A99 Golf C13 Adult Golf Range Sunday Pencil Carry Bag

A99 Golf C13 Adult Golf Range Sunday Pencil Carry Bag

Just the perfect size for 9 holes of golf, this lightweight stand bag has the capacity to hold half a golf club set with its 2-way divider design. The top, just so you know, is thickly padded for providing maximum club protection. Speaking of which, the body of the bag is at no risk of collapsing. Plus, it’s extremely easy to place your clubs back into this bag.

You can adjust the double strap for your shoulder, which is padded and removable. With a lightweight bag like this, you’ll have no complaints.

Key Features

  • Lightweight 2-way top golf stand bag
  • The shoulder strap is adjustable, padded, and removable
  • Heavily padded top for protecting golf club heads
  • Includes 1 mesh pocket and 2 zippered accessory pockets

12. Palm Springs Sunday Golf Bag

Palm Springs Sunday Golf Bag

A small, lightweight bag like this gets you thinking about the golf clubs you carry and those that you actually hit. That means this Sunday golf bag by Palm Springs encourages you to carry the 8-10 clubs you actually use instead of the full 14-piece set.

And whatever these golf clubs are, they fit into the portals of the bag quite easily. At the same time, you don’t feel like the weight is too cumbersome.

The substantial size and quantity of pockets allow you to add just the same amount of extras you would in the full-sized version of a bag like this. Plus, the double shoulder straps are adjustable and padded for comfort and easy slide on/off.

Key Features

  • 6-way padded top bag
  • Double shoulder straps are padded and adjustable
  • Perfect for carrying half a set of clubs along with tees, balls, etc.

What Is A Sunday Golf Bag?

Sunday golf bags are the smaller, more lightweight alternatives of full-sized bags made for 18-hole golf games. These bags are perfect for practice sessions, driving range, par-3 golf courses, etc. In simple words, when you don’t need to carry a heavy, large golf bag, you can easily carry a few clubs in this lighter, smaller bag.

The majority of Sundays bags weigh less than 2-3 pounds. And they can carry 6-8 golf clubs.

Benefits of A Sunday Golf Bag

One of the greatest benefits of carrying a Sunday bag is how lightweight it is. So you can be more active on the golf course, which is great for those who walk from one hole to the next. After all, walking the entire length of the course burns more calories than using a cart.

So if you’re an active golfer who likes to walk, then you’d be better off with a bag that doesn’t weigh 40-60 pounds. This means easy, convenient, comfortable carry and less strain on the back and shoulders.

Sunday bags are also a good choice for beginners, seniors, and younger golfers. Meaning those who don’t carry a full 14-piece set of golf clubs. So you don’t have to lug around any extra weight on the course, be it 18-hole or 9-hole.

What to Look for In Sunday Golf Bags

Here are features that really matter. So you don’t waste your time and money on bags that do more harm than good!

Weight and Size

If your Sunday bag is not lightweight, then it’s no good. But how lightweight should it be? If you ask me, I’ve reviewed bags that are not above 2-3 pounds. And they’re also plenty durable. Some of them you can even fold and pack into your luggage for easy transport. That means they’re travel-friendly.

Most Sunday bags can hold a maximum of 6 to 8 golf clubs. This is the standard size capacity. So if you want your bag to hold more, then you might be better off with a larger option.


If the bag is lightweight, then only half the battle is won in terms of comfort. The other half is determined by handles and straps. Are the carry straps or strap padded and adjustable? If not, then it should be. As for the handle, it’s necessary to be able to pick up and set down the bag.

Dividers and Pockets

What dividers do is keep your expensive golf clubs organized and protected. The greater part of Sunday golf bags features 3 dividers, which are more than enough for carrying a few clubs. With these many dividers, your clubs rattle less and keep away from each other. It also makes the tasks of retrieving and returning the golf clubs easier.

But the dividers should be full-length. Also make sure the top of the bag is thickly padded to protect the golf club heads.

Moving on to pockets, these too are a part of most Sundays bags. So you can store your valuables, tees, golf balls, refreshments, and more. The number of extra things you tend to carry decides how many pockets your bag should have.

Stand and Base

A molded base goes a long way when it comes to protecting your overpriced golf clubs. And this is even more important when the bag is lightweight. Also equally important is a convenient stand for making the experience more stable.


What good is the super-light Sunday bag if it doesn’t even last for a season or two, right? That said, durability is brought forth by the materials used. So what are the tough materials here? Polyester and nylon are the most commonly used for designing such lightweight Sunday bags.

Even leather makes an appearance once in a while, but it’s not as lightweight as its synthetic counterparts (polyester and nylon).

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Golf Clubs Can You Fit In A Sunday Bag?

Generally, Sunday golf bags can easily accommodate 6-8 clubs. But you can quite effortlessly squeeze in 9-10 clubs too. It all depends on how many dividers the bag is outfitted with. The newer ones come with 4-5 dividers while the traditional design has 2-3 dividers.

What Is the Best Golf Bag to Carry?

One that not only allows you to store and organize your precious golf clubs properly but is also easy and comfortable to carry. And the only way you get access to easy, comfortable carry is by choosing lightweight golf bags, be it Sunday or these super-light full-sized golf bags.

Should I Buy A Stand Bag or Cart Bag?

Do you prefer walking between holes? If yes, then comparatively more lightweight golf stand bags seem like a suitable choice. Stand bags are also more advantageous in terms of stability since they come with retractable legs that allow them to stay upright at a 45-degree angle.

But if you always end up using a cart, then go for cart bags.

What Type of Sunday Bag Should I Buy?

The traditional design is a pencil bag. It holds enough golf clubs but comes without a stand. Then there are stand bags, which are more commonly used because of the convenient, stability-enhancing stand. These Sundays bags, no doubt, are much easier and convenient to use plus they keep off the wet, muddy, or dirty ground.

Are Sunday Bags Worth Your Attention - Final Verdict

Needless to say, it’s never easy or even simple to buy golfing equipment. Be it clubs, balls, bags, etc. Because there is just too much competition these days since more and more brands are starting to manufacture gear to make your golfing experience more enjoyable and convenient.

Speaking of which, Sundays bags are sure to make your practice, driving range, and par-3 golfing sessions more fun. With a lightweight bag and fewer clubs, you’re bound to focus more on the game at hand instead of tiring yourself out unnecessarily by lugging around extra weight you don’t even need.

Golfers who prefer walking instead of using a cart often buy such lightweight Sunday bags. Be it walking on full or executive golf courses. And it doesn’t matter what age or type of golfer you are either, there are no pre-determined conditions for using super-light bags like these when golfing.

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