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Best Women’s Golf Bags, Both Cart and Stand, to Buy in 2021

Many lady golfers out there use men’s golf bags, either by choice or the lack of options. Whatever your reason, consider upgrading to the best women’s golf bags. Because more and more brands are now manufacturing equipment for men and women separately. So why not choose a bag that’s specifically designed to maximize your performance on the turf!

Factors like lightweight design, storage space, functionality, value, and style were all taken into consideration during the narrowing down of the top bags I’ve reviewed for you below. So all that’s left to do is for you to go through the reviews and make the decision.

1. TaylorMade Cart Lite 2018 Golf Bag

TaylorMade Cart Lite 2018 Golf Bag

It’s a lightweight bag with plenty of pockets and a side handle plus a shoulder strap. The construction is durable, sturdy, and even crush-resistant. TaylorMade doesn’t disappoint if that’s what you’re thinking.

The full-length dividers perform the task of eliminating club crowding pretty well. So it’s surprising to know that the price is so affordable.

Key Features

  • 14-way top, crush-resistant golf bag
  • Lightweight design and full-length dividers
  • 5 front pockets enable quick access
  • Designed with dual handles for easy carry

2. Glove It Women’s Golf Bag

Glove It Women’s Golf Bag

Many women like the wide range of colors and patterns this Glove It Golf Bag comes in. It’s a very distinctive collection if you ask me. But looks aren’t everything, right? In that case, allow me to tell you that the bag is as functional as it is stylish. No doubt, high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship are a part of the sweet deal.

It’s a super-light bag outfitted with 3 lift-assist handles for quick, convenient carry. And there are enough pockets in there for holding a considerable amount of essentials. One of the best ladies golf bags for sure!

Key Features

  • 14 full-length dividers with 7 easy access pockets
  • Features a thermal-lined cooler pocket
  • Very lightweight, thus easy to maneuver
  • Umbrella sleeve and rain hood are included

3. Sephlin Women’s Golf Bag

Sephlin Women’s Golf Bag

Why wait for your spouse, relative, or friend to gift you this attractive, sturdy golf bag when you can buy it yourself! And you’re highly likely to do that once you know what it has to offer.

The Sephlin Women’s Golf Bag holds all 14 golf clubs as well as a retriever because some dividers offer the capacity to hold more than a single club. The full-length of the dividers is surely a huge advantage as it keeps your expensive golf clubs from getting tangled. And the bag is just the perfect size for average women golfers!

Key Features

  • Ultra-lightweight golf stand bag with backpack straps
  • Holds a complete 14-piece golf club set
  • 8 pocket divider and 9 pockets
  • Rain hood and pencil/tee holder included

4. Ram Golf Lightweight Ladies Cart Bag

Ram Golf Lightweight Ladies Cart Bag

The next on the list is a 14-way divider top golf cart bag for women searching for a lightweight design equipped with a padded shoulder strap. It’s a well-made, sturdy bag that’s sure to last a long time. You can even grab or carry the bag using its top handle.

The insulated bag area, perfectly-sized pockets, and numerous compartments make this option a truly reliable equipment ideal for both recreational and serious female golfers.

Key Features

  • 14-way divider top golf cart bag
  • Full-length pockets with plenty of small-size pockets
  • Additional features - padded shoulder strap and quick-grab top handle
  • Lightweight, sturdy, and easy to carry

5. Birdie Babe Womens Hybrid Golf Bag

Birdie Babe Womens Hybrid Golf Bag

How do you like the idea of not struggling with carrying your golf bag throughout the whole round of golf? Sounds like a tempting deal, doesn’t it? So why not consider buying this Hybrid Golf Bag by Birdie Babe!

It features an 8-way top and a convenient handle. There’s a cart strap holder as well, which keeps the bag secure on your cart. Needless to say, the design is lightweight and the cooler pocket insulated. And just by the way, the latter holds more than you can imagine!

Key Features

  • 8-way top hybrid golf stand bag
  • Lightweight design with a convenient handle
  • Full-length dividers and large insulated cooler pocket

6. OGIO 2020 XIX Women’s Stand Bag

OGIO 2020 XIX Women’s Stand Bag

With sturdy, comfortable straps, you can wear this OGIO stand bag like a backpack while transporting from one hole to the next. Several compartments let you store all kinds of items, including your jewelry.

More importantly, the kickstand feature is of the greatest assistance. And as a regular golfer, you might even appreciate the ergonomics of the bag. This includes the quick-lock anchors and strap system that deliver horizontal and vertical fitting. Along with Fit Disc technology and a hip pad for relieving pressure and weight.

Key Features

  • Comfort straps with Fit Disc technology for easy carry
  • Height and lateral adjustability
  • Hip pad designed for female golfer fit
  • Water-resistant valuables pockets

7. Ping Women’s Hoofer Lite Stand Bag

Ping Women’s Hoofer Lite Stand Bag

When you can trust the brand for golf clubs, you can trust them for golf bags too. Especially when it’s the Hoofer Lite Stand Bag. It’s lightweight, no doubt. And also durable, which is great if you’re serious about the game.

What I found out-of-the-ordinary in this one is the SensorCool technology in the shoulder pads. And the well-cushioned hip pad. So you know that Ping has prioritized your comfort level above all else.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, durable 4-way top golf stand bag
  • Full-length dividers with padded valuables pocket
  • Padded hip and SensorCool shoulder pads
  • Strap connecter enables easy on and off

8. Birdie Babe Flower Power Pink Womens Golf Cart Bag

Birdie Babe Flower Power Pink Womens Golf Cart Bag

If you can’t get enough of the color pink and also of floral print, then you may have found just the bag for your style. This Birdie Babe Flower Power Pink Golf Cart Bag is a very functional piece. It has large zippered pockets. And most of them go straight down the middle instead of being all over the place.

Holding your precious golf clubs well is not a concern at all. Thanks to the 3 full-length dividers. Even carrying it around isn’t a worry. And for this, it’s the lightweight design of the bag you should be thanking.

Key Features

  • 14-way top golf cart bag with full-length dividers
  • Lightweight design with built-in putter compartment
  • Golf cart strap holder is included
  • The cooler pocket is large and insulated

9. Sun Mountain Ladies Stand Bag

Sun Mountain Ladies Stand Bag

Here’s a bag that keeps coming up in almost every such review article of golf bags for women. It’s a lightweight golf stand bag designed with an easy-to-adjust, comfortable dual-strap system. This just means light and balanced carry. It’s even got cart-friendly features like cart strap pass-through, leg-lock system, and cart-friendly bottom.

And with 4 full-length dividers along with a hydration pouch and several accessory pockets, you don’t have to bother yourself with storage and organization.

Key Features

  • 4-way top golf stand bag with cart-friendly features
  • E-Z Fit Dual Strap System offers easy adjustments and comfort carry
  • Straps have a multi-layered construction with grab loops
  • Lift-assist panel integrated into the lower pocket to ease handling

10. Sun Mountain 2020 Women’s Sync Golf Cart Bag

Sun Mountain 2020 Women’s Sync Golf Cart Bag

Sun Mountain makes an appearance more than once here and even in this top list of the best golf stand bags. So what does that tell you? It simply means that the brand is trustworthy and that they manufacture some of the best-selling golf bags for both women and men.

As for the Sync Golf Cart Bag, it features 15 individual full-length dividers that organize and even protect your expensive clubs. There’s a putter compartment built into it as well for holding your grips. Then comes the top utility handles that make way for easy lifting and the single carry strap to make maneuvering much easier.

Key Features

  • 15-way top golf cart bag with full-length dividers
  • Integrated putter compartment and cart strap pass-through
  • Includes rain hood and rangefinder pocket
  • Top utility handles and single carry strap

11. Taboo Fashions Monaco Premium Lightweight Ladies Golf Cart Bag

Taboo Fashions Monaco Premium

A golf cart bag like this grabs attention pretty quickly. But is it lightweight, thus easily manageable? I don’t see any other way!

Before purchasing any golf bag, women golfers have a lot of things to take into consideration since most of them use custom-made golf clubs. In that context, this is just what you’ve been looking for.

On top of that, the lightweight construction earns bonus points. And so does the insulated beverage compartment. You can lift the bag just as easily with your golf clubs as without them.

Key Features

  • 14-way top golf cart bag with full-length dividers
  • Lightweight, durable construction
  • Single-shoulder carry strap

12. iBella Tan Ladies Golf Cart Bag

iBella Tan Ladies Golf Cart Bag

Users have claimed that this bag looks better in person than it does in pictures. Since looks are pretty much there, let me tell you about the design and functionality of this iBella Ladies Golf Cart Bag. Made of quilted leather-like polyurethane material, the bag is high-end and durable.

It features 14 individual dividers for your complete 14-piece golf club set. At the same time, the bag is generously lightweight with easily accessible pockets.

Moreover, there’s the extra-large putter compartment that’s front-positioned. And it fits oversized or modern grips. In my opinion, the perfect steel for the money!

Key Features

  • 14 individual dividers and extra-large putter pit
  • Padded rear carry strap with sleeve
  • Rubberized dual side lift handles
  • Classy quilted leather-like pattern

13. Callaway Solaire Stand Bag

Callaway Solaire Stand Bag

How is it possible for any such review article to be authentic without a Callaway golf bag! For women golfers, it’s Solaire. This, no doubt, is comfortable and lightweight. The large enough zipper pockets hold golf shoes, a change of clothes, and there’s some space still left over. Plus, it’s sturdy and durable.

3 full-length dividers make the part of organizing your golf clubs easier and hassle-free. But the best part is the special double strap technology that consists of parts that activate better ventilation and provide superior comfort when you’re carrying the bag from one hole to the next.

Key Features

  • 7-way top golf stand bag with full-length dividers
  • Lightweight, well-made, and durable
  • Foam hip pad and stable stand system
  • 3-point double strap for a better carrying experience

14. Majek Ladies Black White Teal Pink Golf Bag

Majek Ladies Black White Teal Pink Golf Bag

Vibrant colors and lightweight design. But that’s not the only reason for you to buy this or any other golf bag. The primary goal is to protect your golf clubs, right? So how about bringing ultimate protection into the picture with this 14-way top golf bag by Majek!

Individual slots make room for your every golf club from the complete 14-piece set. At the same time, the construction is top-grade. So the bag’s quality, stability, and functionality are not questionable factors.

Key Features

  • Individual, protective slots for a complete 14-piece set
  • 3 top-located, easy-lift utility handles
  • Padded single-carry strap with elastic band
  • Made of lightweight nylon material

15. Tour Edge Hot Launch HL4 Ladies Golf Cart Bag

Tour Edge Hot Launch HL4 Ladies Golf Cart Bag

Compared to other golf bags, this one feels so much lighter. Plus, its storage space is more than enough to fit all your golf clubs. It’s a 14-way top golf cart bag that features individual full-length dividers plus molded handles.

You get 2 extra-large garment pockets, a large insulated beverage pocket, and a built-in cart strap loop. Everything a golfer would require from a legitimate cart bag is a part of this one.

Key Features

  • 14-way top golf cart bag with full-length dividers
  • The beverage pocket is large and insulated
  • Molded handles for easy maneuvering
  • Additional features - rangefinder pocket, glove holder, cart strap loop, etc.

Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Golf Bag

To be completely honest with you, there are mainly two differences. The first one consists of weight and size. For women golfers, the bags are more compact, lightweight, and smaller in comparison to the slightly heavier, bulkier, and longer version for men.

Then the second difference presents itself in the form of bolder colors, such as purple, red, and pink. Even patterns are included, e.g. floral and paisley. In simple words, women-specific golf bags are both functional and stylish-looking.

How to Choose the Best Ladies Golf Bags

Here are the basic guidelines for choosing a golf bag that meets your demands on the turf…

Type of Golf Bag - Stand or Cart?

Stand and cart golf bags are much the same except that the former comes with an additional feature in the form of built-in, retractable legs. So you can place the stand bag in an upright position. But it’s smaller in size and more compact when compared to the cart style. And that means cart bags offer more space for any extra golfing or other gear you like to carry with you.


After type, weight ranks as the most important factor. Because, after all, it’s you who’s going to carry or push the bag around during your round of golf. So you want to make sure that the bag doesn’t feel too heavy with all your golf clubs and other stuff in it.

Lightweight bags, mostly carry or stand bags, are generally below 5 pounds. They’re a good choice if you don’t have too many things to lug around other than your clubs, tees, and some balls. And if you do, then maybe you should consider buying 7-pound golf bags that are usually cart-style ones.

Carrying Straps

Do you want a single strap or double strap? How about a backpack-style strap instead that welcomes easier, more convenient carry with less strain on your shoulders and back?

After that, take into account the adjustability and padding of the strap. Without the former, there’s no way to get a comfortable, customized fit. And without the latter, you’re only going to be inviting unnecessary discomfort, pressure, and pain into your game.


The dividers at the top determine how you get to store and organize your expensive golf clubs. There are bags equipped with as many as 14 to 15 top dividers. These, no doubt, offer better organization and protection in that they keep the clubs from getting tangled with one another.

Then there are golf bags that have a single top opening in which you stuff all your clubs. These, needless to say, are lighter. But then you’re more likely to end up wasting time and effort looking for a particular golf club just when you need it the most.

What’s the solution? Why not settle for something between 4 and 15, like a 4-way, 5-way, or even 8-way top golf bag? So you avoid both the heavier weight and struggle of finding the club your shot demands.


In the case of a golf cart bag, front-facing pockets are the most accessible, hence more convenient. Also, make sure your bag has a waterproof pocket as well, which comes in handy to store your valuables when it starts to rain.

Apart from a water-resistant valuables pocket, you might appreciate the inclusion of an insulated beverage or cooler pocket as well.  And the larger this is, the more refreshments (and by that, I mean beer) you can carry.

Last Words

There are plenty of options even for women golfers when it comes to golf bags. Because more and more brands are now separating golfing gear into male and female. So you don’t have to carry men’s bags anymore. You can easily get an affordable, lightweight, more compact, and even visually appealing golf bag for yourself.

Just keep in mind that cart bags, more often than not, are heavier in comparison to stand or carry bags. Make sure things like strap adjustability, enough top dividers, plenty of extra-storage pockets, and everything that one demands from a golf bag are there.

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