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Best Lightweight Golf Bags In 2021 That Are the Easiest to Carry

In this article, the primary focus is on the best lightweight golf bags. Because that’s what you need if you look forward to walking the entire length of the golf course as much as completing your round of golf.

Now I’d be lying if I said that all golf bags are designed similarly. Obviously, there are some that perform better than the others. Some are more durable, some more functional, some more spacious, and on and on. But the ones I’ve reviewed for you below have one thing in common - a lightweight design. After all, your golf bag should be easy, comfortable, and effortless to carry!

1. Callaway Golf 2020 Hyperlite Zero Lightweight Stand Bag

Callaway Golf 2020 Hyperlite Zero Lightweight Stand Bag

This Callaway creation is shockingly lightweight and the backpack-style straps surprisingly comfortable. The ripstop fabric construction is the reason behind the ultra-lightweight design of the Hyperlite stand bag. As for comfort in the straps, the padded structure is to be held responsible for that one.

On top of that, you get to make the most of the exclusive X-Act fit self-balancing strap system. The bag is lighter than 3 pounds you know. So if that’s not light, then I don’t know what is!

Key Features

  • Ultra-light golf stand bag made of durable ristop material
  • Durable, lightweight carbon fiber legs
  • 4-way top design with full-length dividers
  • Padded Opti-Fit comfort strap and self-balancing strap system

2. Orlimar Pitch and Putt Lightweight Stand/Carry Golf Bag

Orlimar Pitch and Putt Lightweight Stand/Carry Golf Bag

The stand works great, and the same can be said about the durable carry handle. Needless to say, the construction of this Orlimar golf bag is ultra-lightweight. It’s super-light, thus perfect for you if you prefer to walk the course.

It’s so light and easy to carry using the handle that you’re most likely to never use the strap. The retractable stand, however, you’re bound to use, right? And that is why the design of this stand is very impressive.

Key Features

  • Lightweight golf stand and carry bag
  • Double compartment top offers enough room
  • Durable carry handle plus shoulder strap

3. Titleist Carry Bag

Titleist Carry Bag

Lightweight is surely is. If you thought 3 pounds was heavy, then you’re sure to cherish this golf bag for as long as it lasts, which it does for a pretty long time considering the manufacturer is none other than Titleist. So anyway, this carry bag weighs less than 2.5 pounds.

And what else is commendable, apart from the ultra-lightweight design of course? The use of premium i.e. durable heathered fabric. The full-length of the apparels pocket. The double straps. And the double-top cuff.

Key Features

  • Very lightweight yet holds a full golf club set
  • Made of premium heathered material
  • Weighs below 2.5 pounds

4. Izzo Golf Lite Stand Golf Bag

Izzo Golf Lite Stand Golf Bag

No doubt, golf stands bags make the game more enjoyable because they add that additional element of physical exercise. And if the bag is well-built, then you don’t have to worry about problems like shoulder and back strain either. As is the case with Izzo Golf Lite or these other stand bags manufactured by more such top brands.

You can set it down on just about all types of surfaces, including slopey. The current option combines crucial factors like club safety, storage, weight, and style. It’s the nicest golf bag for players of all skill levels.

Key Features

  • Lightweight design with heavy-duty nylon construction
  • 6 full-length club dividers
  • Adjustable double strap system for easy carry
  • Durable leg mechanism and ball pocket personalization

5. Sun Mountain Golf Stand Bag

Sun Mountain Golf Stand Bag

The brand manufactures golf bags for men and women. If you don’t believe me, then take a look at these lightweight, compact ladies golf bags. The list features more than one Sun Mountain creation. So it’s no surprise that the brand makes an appearance here too.

All their golf bags are not only ultra-lightweight but also highly durable. Especially the carbon fiber legs that offer a sturdy, solid stand, no matter the terrain. There are only a few such lightweight, walking golf bags you can trust. And this is great news for golfers who indulge in the sport more often.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, high-strength, and highly durable
  • X-Strap System for easy on and off
  • High-density foam, contoured shoulder straps
  • Single-strap carry and matching rainhood

6. TaylorMade Flextech Lite Stand Bag

TaylorMade Flextech Lite Stand Bag

Why is this the perfect golf stand bag for you? Because even with plenty of pockets i.e. storage space, the TaylorMade bag is very light. So if you love walking the course, then don’t hesitate to make this your walking companion.

And it’s a very reliable companion that even protects your expensive golf clubs and other essentials and gear. The dual-density straps are incredibly comfortable. And the stand system features patented Flextech in the form of a smooth-release, retractable base system. This ensures zero clubs sticking or crowding.

Key Features

  • 4-way top golf stand bag with full-length dividers
  • Ergonomically designed, molded EVA hip pad
  • Flextech stand releases easy and smooth with a collapsible base
  • Dual-density comfort strap

7. Cobra Golf 2019 Ultralight Stand Bag

Cobra Golf 2019 Ultralight Stand Bag

This may not be one of the lightest golf bags on this list but it certainly is a lightweight bag with a weight of less than 5 pounds. It carries all golf clubs that come in a set. And the bag is made using a material (polyester) known for its exceptional wear and water resistance.

The hip pad feature CoolFlow foam and the shoulder straps are quick to release. What about the stand mechanism? The EasyFlex base initiates max. turf contact, so you don’t have to worry about that either. Just designate your precious golf clubs to the full-length club dividers and you’re all set!

Key Features

  • 5-way top ultralight golf stand bag with full-length dividers
  • Made of wear-resistant and water-resistant polyester
  • Quick-release shoulder straps and CoolFlow foam hip pad
  • EasyFlex base creates maximum ground contact

8. Team Golf MLB Fairway Golf Stand Bag

Team Golf MLB Fairway Golf Stand Bag

Not all lightweight golf bags are sturdy just by the way. So they may meet your demands as far as easy, comfort carry is concerned. But they might not stand solid on the ground or even last for a long time. However, such concerns are not a part of this Team Golf creation.

MLB Fairway is a 14-way golf stand bag equipped with full-length dividers. It’s also got 2 lift-assist handles with a spring action stand. But it’s the heavy-duty nylon construction that adds unmatched durability.

Key Features

  • Built-in top handle and 14-way full-length dividers
  • Spring action stand and 2 lift-assist handles
  • Heavy-duty, thus durable nylon design

9. Team Golf NFL Fairway Golf Stand Bag

Team Golf NFL Fairway Golf Stand Bag

This NFL Fairway and the previous MLB Fairway Golf Bags by Team Golf are one and the same in many ways. Common features include the 14-way full-length dividers, 2 lift-assist handles, spring-action stand, heavy-duty nylon construction, and built-in top handle.

Both bags are even priced the same. So it all depends on your personal preferences when it comes to buying one of the two.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, durable, heavy-duty golf stand bag
  • 14-way top with full-length dividers
  • Spring action stand and heavy-duty nylon construction
  • Features cooler, zippered, and valuables pockets

10. Champkey Lightweight Golf Stand Bag

Champkey Lightweight Golf Stand Bag

It’s not just the lightweight design that leaves a huge impression here. The Champkey Golf Stand Bag offers safe storage as well for all your clubs and additional accessories. A sturdy handle, additional storage pockets, sturdy stand base, padded shoulder strap, and more are sure to transform your round of golf.

It’s popularly known as the lightest Sunday golf bag. And I couldn’t agree more because this thing weighs less than 2 pounds. The first of its kind, no doubt!

Key Features

  • The lightest golf stand bag weighs only 1.95 pounds
  • 5 extra-storage pockets
  • Sturdy, friction-resistant, durable stand base
  • Adjustable, padded shoulder strap

11. TTD TIANTIANDA Super Lite Golf Stand Bag

TTD TIANTIANDA Super Lite Golf Stand Bag

This golf bag may not be the thickest, but then that’s a good thing. Simply because the thin yet durable, rugged, tear-resistant nylon design is what makes the bag so lightweight. You can load your precious golf cubs in here along with plenty of golf balls. The plenty of golf balls part may sound enticing if you’re a golfer who ends up losing a lot of balls on the course.

One user managed to squeeze as many as 22 beers in the numerous pockets of this bag. Isn’t that amazing!

Key Features

  • Made of durable, lightweight nylon
  • Easy carry and comfortable transport with strap-on back
  • Plenty of pockets and space for organization

12. JONES GOLF BGS Original Jones Golf Bag

JONES GOLF BGS Original Jones Golf Bag

A simple, lightweight carry bag with just enough pockets and storage space and without the common hassles of typical stand bags. The stability of the bag when standing upright is the best part. Aside from the fact that it weighs around 3 pounds only!

The construction is perfectly balanced with a comfortable strap carry. Even the quality of the bag is praiseworthy. So you don’t have to worry about design, durability, and visual appeal.

Key Features

  • Perfectly balanced golf bag with full-length dividers
  • Thick mesh material and comfortable strap design
  • The upright position is incredibly stable

What Is the Most Lightweight Golf Bag?

On my list, it’s the Champkey Lightweight Golf Stand Bag with a weight of 1.95 pounds only. On average though, the lightest bag in golf is one that weighs below 3-5 pounds.

And I’d like to mention another very useful fact you might want to know. More often than not, golf stands bags are lighter in terms of weight than their cart counterparts. Because the latter is designed with more individual compartments and more space, thus the extra weight.

Benefits of Using the Lightest Bags

Here’s why you should consider buying a lightweight bag for your golf clubs and other essential or additional gear.

  • Extra Exercise - Walking the course means burning more calories during a single round of golf. This is something you miss out on when you choose to cover the turf on a cart.
  • Social Interaction - Chances are likely that you’ll meet fellow golfers and exchange a word or two when walking as opposed to whizzing around in your golf cart. So you can boost your social interaction and even get to know more golfers.
  • Save Money - How do you save money by choosing to use lightweight bags for golf? Renting or buying caddies and carts increases your cost. On the other hand, walking is free.

Most Important Factors When Buying Lightweight Golfing Bags

Don’t let anything come between you and burning those extra calories by walking from one hole to the next during your golfing session. This includes your golf bag. Hence, buy the equipment keeping in mind the following factors.


The most important characteristic, no doubt, is the weight of the bag. It should be below 5 pounds if you want to carry it across 18 holes on the golf course. 1-2 pounds over this is alright. Nevertheless, below 5 pounds is considered to be the lightest.

Golf Club Dividers

To be more specific, the lightweight version is designed with 3, 4, or 5 full-length dividers. These many are more than enough for proper organization, easy access, and tangle-free storage. Speaking of storage…

Storage Space

In this department, you could use as many pockets as possible. Such as a water-resistant, valuables pocket, insulated beverage pocket, zippered pockets, ball pouch, tee pocket, etc.

Strap and Handle

What makes any golf bag easy, convenient, and comfortable to carry is the strap. So ask yourself if you prefer a single or double strap. Either way, the strap should be padded or cushioned for providing comfort when you’re carrying the bag from one hole to the other.

At such times, a hip pad also contributes to keeping the golf bag stable while also preventing it from slipping when walking.

Some golf bags also feature a top handle and/or lift-assist handles. That make managing and maneuvering the bag much easier.

Material and Durability

What’s the sense in buying a light bag that is not sturdy or durable enough to last for even a single season of golf! But then, at the same time, you don’t want to end up with a heavy or bulky golf bag. So here’s the perfect solution. Choose light yet tough, durable materials like nylon and polyester. Both are highly wear-resistant and also lightweight.


Don’t spend an exorbitant amount of money on a golf bag that’s under 5-pound lightweight. However, also don’t go for cheap-quality bags widely available these days. You might just have to buy another one before too long.

So the best advice here is to select well-known brands. Because many of them manufacture both affordable and high-quality golf bags that are also generously lightweight.

How to Carry A Golf Bag?

You should know the answer to this particular question if you want to keep shoulder and back injuries at bay.

Firstly, get well-acquainted with your golf bag. Empty it out to make proper adjustments based on your body shape and size. Keep in mind that the single strap is to be carried over the dominant shoulder. And you can always switch shoulders during your game. Don’t hesitate to make strap length adjustments in order to achieve the most comfortable fit.

Then load your precious golf clubs into that bag. You do that by starting with the longer, heavier ones first. Place these in the compartment that’s closest to the attachment of the shoulder strap to the golf bag. So the heaviest clubs are positioned higher and nearer to the body when carrying the bag. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Moving on, your longer irons go into the middle section while the shorter ones along with other shorter golf clubs and putter fit into the last compartment. The clubs should be assembled from big to small i.e. a descending order. That means the lightest ones load at the bottom and heaviest at the top. This, no doubt, prevents unnecessary and excessive bouncing when you’re walking between holes.

What about distributing your golf balls and other accessories? These go into the numerous pockets. Just make sure you place them all evenly throughout the bag to balance out the weight.

As for properly carrying the golf bag, use your dominant shoulder. For slinging it over that shoulder, make use of the top handle to lift. And lift with your legs, not your back.

A common practice among golfers is reaching the midpoint of the fairway and unloading the weight at the crossover path. Then you can easily carry a few of your golf clubs for finishing the hole. Once again, makes sense, doesn’t it?

Bottom Line

The top 12 bags I’ve reviewed are the best for golfers that love to walk during their round of golf. So you can choose any one based on your budget, type of golf clubs, and other personal requirements. These are all manufactured by brands that you can not only afford but also rely on in terms of quality.

More importantly, the bags do not weigh over 5 pounds. In fact, there’s an option as light as 1.95 pounds as well. And even this one offers all the storage and protection your clubs deserve.

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